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The legislative and regulatory provisions of  the labor code were based on the distinction between the contractual organization of the employment relationship, with labor agreements , and labor regulations .

The contractual organization of the employment relationship was divided between the individual status of work (based on the employment contract  and the apprenticeship contract   and including salary ) and the collective status of work based on collective agreements and collective agreements . 

The dismissal was dealt with within the framework of the provisions concerning the termination of the indefinite contract and the consequences of the termination . The rules concerning internal regulations and the protection of employees and disciplinary law were included in the rules concerning the employment contract. In the rules concerning the employment contract were also included the rules concerning professional equality between women and men , temporary work , bargaining , sureties , employer groups.and personal services

The labor regulations included the working conditions ( entry age , working hours and night work ), the rest and leave , the health and work safety and occupational helth services

The c onflits_du_travail were treated with individual labor disputes and collective labor disputes

A code book was devoted to the Control_de_l’application et_du_respect_du_droit_du_travail

The Provisions_particulières_à_certaines_professions   were the subject of a code book, like the Provisions_spéciales_outre_mer . Finally a book had been devoted to Vocational_Training

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