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The relevant market which forms the basis of competition law analyzes to determine in particular whether there is a dominant position.The notion of market has a geographic dimension and a material component, based on the notion of substitutability of products or services.The relevant market, or reference market, is defined as the place where the supply and demand of products and services meet which are considered by the buyers or the users as substitutable between them.The nature of the product or services can be used as an index to establish substitutability but it is not a sufficient element because it is necessary to take into account the behavior of the users (Report of the Competition Council, 1990 p. 34 s). The technical specificities should only be taken into consideration if the applicants’ choices are influenced, if not determined, by these specificities (   Cass. Com. May 22, 2001 , Routière de l’Est, Le Dalloz, 2001, AJ 2973, cassation de CA Paris, April 13, 1999, Dectra) Substitutability is established when one can reasonably think that the applicants or the users consider the goods or the services as alternative means between which they can arbitrate to satisfy the same demand (Cons. Conc. Decision n ° 99-D- 41, 22 June 1999, BOCCRF 14 Oct. p. 566). Separate services belong to the same market when the real behavior of users and providers makes them indivisible,  Cons. conc. n ° 97-D-26 of October 21, 1997 Funeral services.The Cour de Cassation considers that a concrete and objective examination must be made of the choices made by the buyers or users concerned, if necessary by means of an expert report, to determine whether they are substituting the products or services in question ( Cass. Com. May 18, 1999)

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