Deed Of Commerce
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Deed Of Commerce

Article L110-1

   The law considers acts of commerce:
   1 ° Any purchase of movable property for resale, either in kind, or after having worked and implemented them;
   2 ° Any purchase of immovable property for the purpose of reselling them, unless the purchaser has acted with a view to erecting one or more buildings and selling them as a whole or by premises;
   3 ° All intermediary transactions for the purchase, subscription or sale of buildings, business assets, shares or shares in real estate companies;
   4 ° Any furniture rental company;
   5 ° Any manufacturing, commissioning or transport company by land or by water;
   6 ° Any supply company, agency, business offices, auction houses, public shows;
   7 ° Any foreign exchange, banking and brokerage transaction;
   8 ° All operations of public banks;
   9 ° All obligations between traders, merchants and bankers;
   10 ° Between all persons, bills of exchange.




Article L110-2

   The law likewise considers acts of commerce:
   1 ° Any construction company, and all purchases, sales and resales of vessels for internal and external navigation;
   2 ° All maritime shipments;
   3 ° Any purchase and sale of tackle, gear and supplies;
   4 ° Any charter or charter, loan or bulk loan;
   5 ° All insurance and other contracts relating to sea trade;
   6 ° All agreements and conventions for crew salaries and rents;
   7 ° All hiring of seafarers for the service of commercial vessels.

Article L110-3
With regard to traders, acts of commerce can be proven by any means unless otherwise provided by law.
TRADE LAWFreedom of proof




Article L110-4

   I. – Bonds arising from their trade between traders or between traders and non-traders are prescribed by ten years if they are not subject to special shorter prescriptions.
   II. – All actions in payment are prescribed:
   1 ° For food supplied to the sailors by order of the captain, one year after delivery;
   2 ° For the supply of materials and other things necessary for the construction, equipment and supplies of the ship, one year after these supplies have been made;
   3 ° For works completed, one year after receipt of the works.
   III. – Actions in payment of the salaries of officers, sailors and other members of the crew are prescribed by five years in accordance with article 2277 of the civil code.

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