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Chapter II: Furniture
Article 527
The goods are movable by their nature, or by the determination of the law.
Article 528

(Law n ° 99-5 of January 6, 1999 art. 25 Official Journal of January 7, 1999)

Animals and bodies are movable by their nature which can be transported from one place to another, either because they move by themselves, or because they can only change place by the effect of a foreign force.

Article 529
Are movable by the determination of the law, the bonds and actions which have for object due sums or movable effects, the actions or interests in the companies of finance, trade or industry, although buildings dependent on these companies belong to the companies. These shares or interests are deemed movable in respect of each partner only, as long as the partnership lasts.
Perpetual or life annuities are also movable by the determination of the law, either on the State or on individuals.
Review of the concept of transferable securities, Lucas, François-Xavier, Monthly information bulletin of Joly companies (BMIS) n ° 8, 01/08/2000) pp. 765-781
Article 530
Any annuity established in perpetuity for the price of the sale of a building, or as a condition of the transfer for valuable or free of charge of a real estate fund, is essentially redeemable.
The creditor is nevertheless allowed to regulate the terms and conditions of the repurchase.
He is also allowed to stipulate that the annuity can only be reimbursed after a certain term, which can never exceed thirty years; any stipulation to the contrary is void.
Article 531
Boats, ferries, ships, mills and baths on boats, and generally all factories not fixed by pillars, and not forming part of the house, are movable: the seizure of some of these objects can however, because of their importance, be subject to specific forms, as will be explained in the Code of Civil Procedure.
Article 532
The materials resulting from the demolition of a building, those assembled to construct a new one, are movable until they are used by the worker in a construction.
Article 533
The cabinet word used only in the provisions of the law or of man, without further addition or designation, does not include the money in cash, jewels, active debts, books, medals, instruments of science, arts and crafts, underwear, horses, crews, weapons, grain, wine, hay and other foodstuffs; it also does not understand what is the object of a trade.

Article 534

The words furnishing furniture include only furniture intended for the use and ornamentation of apartments, such as tapestries, beds, seats, mirrors, clocks, tables, porcelain and other objects of this nature.
The paintings and the statues which form part of the furniture of an apartment are also included there, but not the collections of paintings which may be in the galleries or particular rooms.
It is the same with porcelain: only those which form part of the decoration of an apartment are included under the denomination of furniture.
Movable property, furniture, real estate package and article 764 of the General Tax Code, Campels, Christian, JCP N Semaine Juridique (notarial and real estate edition) n ° 21, 24/05/1996, pp. 731-735
Article 535
The expression movable property, that of furniture or household effects, generally includes everything that is considered movable according to the rules established above.
The sale or donation of a furnished house includes only the furniture .
Article 536
The sale or gift of a house, with everything in it, does not include cash, nor active debts and other rights the titles of which may be deposited in the house; all other household effects are included.

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