Revirements Of Jurisprudence
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Compensatory allowance

Possibility of allocating a mixed compensatory allowance, in the form of a lump sum and an annuity ( Cass. Civ. 1st March 22, 2005 )

Individual action of the co-owners

Cass. 3rd Civ. January 29, 2003  IN THE OTHER SENSE: Civil Chamber 3, 1992-06-30, Bulletin 1992, III, n ° 229, p. 140 (partial cassation),

Civil action, abuse of corporate assets and presentation of unfaithful accounts

Cass. com. January 30, 2002   

The relative nullity of transactions and the interests of employees

Social chamber of the Court of Cassation, May 28, 2002    in the opposite direction Cass. soc. October 24, 2000

Sevin, Nicolas de; Ferté, Caroline, Legal and Financial Deciders, n ° 40, 15/11/2002, pp. 74-75

Non-competition clause and financial compensation

Cass. soc. January 7, 2003.

Taking into account the frames for the calculation of the thresholds

Professional elections: senior executives must be taken into account in the workforce, Lavallart, Jean-Marc, Option Finance, n ° 710, 04/11/2002, p.-30

Mobility clauses

Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, July 11, 2001, SA Franfinance v Barande ,    Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, Hôtel Le Berry, June 16, 1998; 

An indirect questioning of the Hotel Le Berry case law: the use of mobility clauses as a disciplinary measure, for a reversal of case law, n. Mouly, Jean, Droit social, n ° 11, 01/11/2002, pp. 955-958

Commercial leases and rental value

Court of Cassation, Third Civil Chamber, May 7, 2002, Société Méridien Montparnasse Against Société Univail, 

Leases with binary rents: judicial mediation, an essential alternative to the cancellation of judges, n Miguel-Chesterkine, Laurence, Les Petites Affiches, n ° 207, 16/10/2002, p. 17-22


Social plan and retirement

Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, June 25, 2002 ; on the contrary Cour de cassation, Social Chamber, April 18, 2000

not. Lebrun, Claudine, Option Finance, n ° 699, 07/22/2002, p.-23


Associations and appeals, authorization of a deliberative body, necessity for representation

Decree of the Council of State of February 8, 1989 known as “Damgan”

Urban planning associations and documents, Lecoq, Vincent, Droit et ville, n ° 53, 07/01/2002, pp. 159-209

Repeated failure to pay rents, acquittal before instituting proceedings, interest in acting for termination of the lessor 

Court of Cassation, 3 rd Civil Chamber, January 30, 2002, Cts Thirouin against Husband Thirouin

not. Grimonprez, Benoît, JCP N Semaine Juridique (notarial and real estate publishing), n ° 24, 06/14/2002, pp.-888

Prohibition of communication of personal addresses of employees to trade unions requesting the list of personnel, prohibition of transmission of personal data of personnel

C our de cassation, Social Chamber, 20 March 2002, ACIP against UFT No. 1095 to bring to Court of Cassation, 14 March 1997 appeal number 99-60544

The domicile prohibited from the electoral list: A turnaround that hides another, n. Boulmier, Daniel, Droit social, n ° 6, 01/06/2002, p. 621-624


Letter of intent, Commitment to do what is necessary, qualification as an obligation of result,

Cour de cassation, February 26, 2002, Sofiber v Banque Populaire de Bourgogne, number 99-10.729 FS P

not. Legeais, Dominique; Cerles, Alain, Revue de Droit Bancaire et Financier, n ° 3, 05/01/2002, p. 129-130

Dismissal before the business transfer: reversal of case law

Court of Cassation, social chamber, March 20, 2002, H. Maldonado v company Fina France, husband Fourty and S. Vella, 

not. Mazeaud, Antoine, Droit social, n ° 5, 05/01/2002, p. 516-519

Confirmation of a reversal of jurisprudence: the objectives can be defined unilaterally by the employer within the framework of his managerial power

Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, May 22, 2001, SA Expertises Galtier v Farrouilh, 

Renaux-Personnic, Virginie, JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition), n ° 16, 04/17/2002, pp.) 788-790

Costedoat stop, Cousin stop,

Cour de cassation, plenary assembly, December 14, 2001, number 00-82.066

On the civil liability of the official responsible for a criminal offense, n. Julien, Jérôme, Recueil Dalloz Sirey, n ° 15, 11/04/2002, p. 1230-1233
Obligation to inform sureties, relaxation of probationary requirements

Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, April 25, 2001 (2 judgments) , Western Regional Bank against Basset / Colombero against BNP; Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, June 26, 2001, SA Banque Fr. de l’Orient v Airault

not. Simler Philippe, JCP E Semaine Juridique (corporate edition), n ° 14, 04/04/2002, p.-616
Annual obligation to inform the surety: the turnaround of the Cour de cassation;  Legeais, Dominique, Revue de Droit Bancaire et Financier, n ° 4, 01/07/2001, pp. 251-253

A new stage in the regime of the withdrawal of the unilateral administrative act creating rights

Council of State, October 26, 2001 (Ternon judgment)

not. Chaltiel, Florence, Les Petites Affiches, n ° 31, 12/02/2002, pp. 7-10

Abandonment of the Dame Cachet case law, decoupling of withdrawal and appeal, n. Delvolvé, Pierre, Revue Française de Droit Administratif (RFDA), n ° 1, 02/01/2002, pp. 88-94


The loan granted by a credit professional is not a real contract

Court of Cassation, First Civil Chamber, November 27, 2001, number 99-10.633 ; Court of Cassation, First Civil Chamber, March 28, 2000, number 97-21.422, Civil Bulletin, I, number 105, page 70

not. Ribeyre, Marie-Anne, Revue Lamy Business Law, n ° 45, 01/01/2002, pp. 27-29

reversal of case law on the doctor’s obligation to inform

Cour de cassation, October 9, 2001, M Franck, Y against MX and others

Sargos observations, Pierre Cahiers Juridiques de l’Electricite et du Gaz (CJEG), n ° 583, 01/01/2002, pp. 10-15

reversal of jurisprudence, article 1147 of the Civil Code , precedence of the facts, change of interpretation

Scope of a reversal of jurisprudence on the subject of the doctor’s obligation to inform
n. Thouvenin, Dominique, Recueil Dalloz Sirey, n ° 43, 06/12/2001, pp. 3470-3477

Reversal of jurisprudence in matters of common law liability of builders: the contractual nature of liability and the definition of fraud

Court of Cassation, Third Civil Chamber, June 27, 2001, Appeal number 99-21.017, + (99-21.284), Judgment number 1071 Société Mutuelle d’Assurance du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics (SMABTP) against husband Suire and a, 

not. Malinvaud, Philippe, JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition), n ° 47, 11/21/2001, pp. 2147-2152
broadening of the scope of the concept of mission accident

Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, July 19, 2001, Société Framatome against Chantal Gicquiaux and CPAM of Saône-et-Loire; Court of Cassation, Social Chamber, July 19, 2001, And Monique Salomon against CPAM de Lyon and the company Meubles BM

not. Prétot, Xavier, Droit social, n ° 11, 01/11/2001, pp. 1022-1023

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