Ask for insurance when renting a car
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Ask For Insurance When Renting A Car: Know More About Insurance!

When you rent a car in the United States, it comes with several types of insurance depending on your needs. This information is often very confusing for many, but that won’t be the case with this article. Instead, we are here to provide you with concise and easy-to-understand information for when you rent your car.

Learn more about rental car insurance

Whether you’re considering renting a car for work or a trip, one thing’s for sure: rental car insurance is a must. The problem is insurance confusion. So, ask for insurance when renting a car.

There are basically four types of rental car insurance: those that protect the rental car, third-party insurance, personal insurance, and roadside assistance. But all insurance has different names, as listed below.

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  • CDW – Collision Damage Waiver
  • LDW – Loss Damage Waiver
  • – Collision Damage Insurance
  • EP – Extended Protection
  • LP – Liability Protection
  • SLI – Supplemental Liability Insurance
  • TPL – Third Party Liability
  • ALI – Additional Liability Insurance
  • PAI – Personal Accident Insurance
  • PEC – Personal Effects Coverage
  • RSP – Roadside Plus

There are so many because rental companies have different names for almost the same insurance. We’ll answer some of the most common questions.

What is the collision damage waiver?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), and Collision Damage Insurance (CDI) cover damages caused to the car, such as theft and bumps, that may occur due to traffic accidents.

If something happens to the car, it is usually the renter’s responsibility to pay for the damage. The amount of money depends on the type of damage waiver, the car rental company, the category of the car, and much more. So be attentive to your rental contract.

What is supplemental liability insurance?

Supplemental Liability Insurance is third-party insurance. It is referred to as Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, or Renters Insurance depending on the company. Here are some examples:

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  • EP – Extended Protection
  • LP – Liability Protection
  • SLI – Supplemental Liability Insurance
  • TPL – Third Party Liability
  • ALI – Additional Liability Insurance

All of the above insurances cover damage to the car, property, and even other people’s medical expenses. However, they may have different limits depending on your rental company.

What is personal accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance covers the person who rented the car and the passengers in case of accidental death, medical assistance, and an ambulance. It is similar to travel insurance but protects passengers during the rental period.

What is personal effects coverage?

Personal Effects Coverage covers damage to or loss of any valuables you leave inside the car in transit or a building.

What about roadside assistance and the roadside plus program?

Technically, Roadside Assistance and RSP are not insurance, but additional assistance provided by many car rental companies. They cover you for the following services that can occur at any time:

  • Lost or damaged car keys
  • Locked keys inside the car
  • Flat tire
  • Rental car won’t start
  • Car out of fuel

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