Average criminal lawyer salary
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Average Criminal Lawyer Salary- Qualities Of A Good Criminal Lawyer

According to the United States Constitution, if someone is convicted of a crime, he/she has the right to hire a criminal defense attorney. Under the federal criminal defense system, the accused is represented by a public or a private defense lawyer in the court.

The attorney helps the defendant in fighting the case after thorough research and analysis of the matter. The criminal defense lawyer has the responsibility to put forward the case findings in front of a court and try to either entirely waive off the charges or find a legitimate way to negotiate a settlement in favor of the defendant.

Hiring an attorney can be expensive because of a criminal defense attorney’s salary, but you would not take a chance if you are unfortunately muddled with any criminal charges. The criminal justice law firms can help you get out of this complicated situation by assisting you in your legal battle.

Criminal law is different from civil law, so the earnings of the lawyers are also different. The average criminal lawyer salary can vary slightly for a public or a private lawyer. There are many other aspects involved in determining the annual income of a criminal defense attorney, such as the reputation, location, state, experience, and history of successful cases.

If you are looking forward to hiring a criminal defense attorney, then keep your eyes glued to the article because, in this article, we have tried to cover up all the good qualities of a criminal defense lawyer salary and the criminal lawyer average salary. This article will surely help you find the right person for your case.

What Is The Difference Between A Criminal Lawyer And A Civil Lawyer?

What is the difference between a Criminal Lawyer and a Civil Lawyer

A civil lawyer deals with cases such as Lawsuits, divorce, and family disputes, etc. In contrast, a criminal defense lawyer handles cases involving murder, homicide, rape, assault and drunk driving, etc.

Usually, a civil attorney does not meddle himself with cases involving a crime against state or federal government because the American Judiciary system is divided into two roots:

  • Civil Justice System
  • Criminal Justice system

Another distinguishing factor between a criminal lawyer and a civil lawyer is that a civil attorney is almost always privately hired. A criminal attorney can be a public or private defender. The educational background of both career choices is nearly the same. The justice system requires both lawyers to go through a law college entrance exam called LSAT.

For a lawyer to practice, he/she must have a bachelor’s degree, Juris Doctor degree, and License.

The salaries also vary; a civil lawyer’s earnings can lie between $112,002 to $115,119. The average criminal lawyer salary can range between $76 513 to $101,307.

Criminal Lawyer Job Description

The reputed criminal law firms in America always try to recruit a skilled and expert attorney in his field. The criminal defense attorney is required to have a bachelor’s and Juris Doctor Law degree. He/she must have passed the state bar exam.

The best criminal defense attorney helps his client by conducting a thorough case study. He/she will inform the client about his/her legal rights and responsibilities since this job requires a lot of hard work, so a criminal defense lawyer’s cost is usually high. It will be worth every penny because the criminal defense attorney always aims to resolve your case by either training to waive off all the charges or by negotiating a suitable settlement.

Types Of Criminal Lawyers

There are two core types of criminal lawyers that are a criminal defense lawyer and a prosecutor. A criminal defense lawyer is entitled to defend the person accused of criminal charges until the guilt is proven before the court.

A prosecutor working under the California Department of Justice is responsible for representing the State or federal government in the case. The job of a prosecutor is the opposite of what a criminal defense lawyer does. He/she has to prove in court with pieces of evidence that the defendant is guilty of all the charges.

The above mentioned are the two basic types, while the other subcategories of a criminal defense lawyer are as follows:

  • Public Defender
  • Panel Lawyer
  • Private Lawyer
  • Legal Aid
  • District Lawyer

The average annual salary of criminal lawyers also varies with the type of lawyer.

Criminal Prosecutor Salary

A criminal prosecutor always plays the role of representing the state or federal government in the case. He/she has the responsibility to fight the case against the defendant and government favor. The prosecutor has to demonstrate in the court that the person accused of charges is blameworthy of committing the crime and does not abide by the law of government.

If we talk about the income, then the average criminal lawyer salary for a prosecuting attorney was about $51,100 as of 2014. As specified by the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) survey, the criminal justice lawyer salary increases with experience.

A prosecutor with experience of five years in his field charges a median salary of $63,600. The average criminal lawyer salary of a prosecutor having more than 15 years of experience is around $80,000 per year.

According to Harvard Law of School, the average criminal lawyer salary ranges between $35,000 to $90,000.

Public Defenders

You must be wondering what the role of a public defender is and how it is different from other criminal defense lawyers? Well, a public defender is a licensed attorney. He/she has a primary duty to provide the citizen their due right if the government or any public department wrongfully convicts them.

The court provides a Public defender to the convicted who cannot pay the criminal attorney salary. The people who do not want to hire a private lawyer can also avail the services of a public defender for fighting their legal battle. According to the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), the average criminal lawyer salary of a public defender is more than what a prosecutor earns annually.

For a public defender with experience of five years, the average criminal lawyer salary is around $52,000. As mentioned earlier in the article, the criminal defense attorney’s salary increases with experience; the same is the case with a public defender.

Private Defense Lawyers

Private Defense Lawyers

In keeping with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the average criminal lawyer salary that a private lawyer charges are approximately $118,660. A privately hired criminal defense lawyer’s salary usually depends upon the number of cases and the amount charged per case.

How To Find The Best Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me?

You are worried about finding a qualified attorney for your or any of your loved one case. It is easy because of the internet; you need to search for a criminal defense attorney near me on google. You will eventually find the best law firms in your state.

Contact them and discuss your case as well as the criminal defense lawyer‘s average salary.

Average Lawyer Salary In Texas

The average lawyer salary in Texas is $9,613. Because of the developing crisis, the salaries keep changing rapidly. This salary is the latest update in Texas’s average criminal lawyer salary (with last updated on March 29, 2021). If we talk about per month, then the lawyer may earn around $8,237. And this was last updated on February 23, 2021.

We now know their average salaries per month and year; why not check their salaries per week, day, and even hour? So that you can get a better consideration about their mean or average salaries.

So, the money a lawyer sitting in Texas earns per week is $2,129. For each day, the salary counts to be $511, and it gets around $50.01 after working an hour. These salaries (per week, day, and hour) were updated on February 23, 2021.

The average criminal lawyer salary is $95,970. Though they are one of the highest-paid lawyers, they are paid less than I.P. lawyers who earn $155,000 annually.

Information based on 60 ratings tells that 50 percent of the lawyers in Texas, U.S. are satisfied with their salaries and think that it is good enough for the cost of living in that area.

However, other professions in a similar field are paid quite more than lawyers. Just as Counsels, they get a total of $704 per day (lawyer: $511) and $68.08 per hour (lawyers: $50.01). Plus, Colorado’s average criminal lawyer salary is also more than the lawyers in Texas regarding their annual salaries. Simultaneously, lawyers in Georgia, Los Angeles, CA, and New York State are making less money annually.

Qualities Of A Good Criminal Lawyer

Qualities of a Good Criminal Lawyer

Who are criminal defense lawyers, and what do they do? They are lawyers (mostly barristers) focusing on the defense of people and corporations charged with illegal activities. They know and put in statute law, case law, the rules of criminal course of actions, etc., to protect their defendant’s right under the umbrella of law.

Now the question is, when do we need a criminal lawyer? Let’s suppose you or someone else has committed something wrong under the prohibited act of criminal code. The government body (also known as a state) will bring you to court, where the representative of the state named as a solicitor will fight for you.

In this way, the case will proceed until and unless you will not return to your everyday life. To be approximately perfect in anything, you need to learn some skills, tactics, and attributes. Likewise, a defense lawyer needs these qualities.


A lawyer has to spend four or more years in law school, and then he has to pass the Bar examination to practice his profession legally. They need unique specialization like all other occupations. Moreover, a lawyer needs to remain up to date because the case laws change more often than anything else. In this way, they will remain well aware of their pleader’s case and fully prepared for the rational defenses.


Experience plays an imperative role in every walk of life. Similarly, in the law field, a lawyer needs to put his knowledge into legal practice to make himself skilled in his field. Furthermore, clients always hire experienced lawyers because, in this way, their winning probability boosts. The average criminal lawyer salary is also more for an experienced criminal attorney.

Communication Skills

The reasonable communication skills in lawyers express his confidential attitude related to his knowledge and experience nicely in front of jurists and litigants. The law is the field where speakers are always wanted because this field symbolizes the ability to constitute at the eleventh-hour argumentative content, appropriate questions, administration of interviews, and questions related to interrogation. Also, in a polemics situation, your conveying skill may result in voluntary compliance rather than physical enforcement.


Criminal cases sometimes lead you to a complicated path, resulting in consequences that can gravely affect your life. So, in these circumstances, you need to remain firm before and after the effect of that specific case on your personal life. Such kinds of situations make a lawyer a strong combatant.


Both tolerance and perseverance are imperative because whenever a lawyer fights for a case, his opposite fellow legal practitioner tries his best to exploit his arguments. So, to sway a judge’s decision, a lawyer must remain calm and firm on his stance in every situation.

Comprehension In The Preparation Of Cases

To interest something in a better way, we always need intensive knowledge regarding that particular topic. Likewise, in-depth knowledge will always lean a lawyer and make his case strong because, after thorough study, he knows every angle of his case and loads of ways to protect his appellant.

Inquiry Skills

Criminal cases are upgraded daily, so when a lawyer fights for his case, the lawyer’s profession craves the quick-witted mind to grab the precise fact and speed up things to ease his case. Top-notch quality in inquiry is desired because cases sometimes become more complex than puzzles. So, if a lawyer knows how to inquire and pick the clues from the details of the case, this will take him towards prosperity.


A well-experienced lawyer will surely charge more. The average criminal lawyer salary keeps changing depending upon different states and how severe the case is. The annual income of a lawyer is justified because they put on a lot of effort to prove their client innocent.

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