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The Types Of Cases Best Handled By A Civil Litigation Lawyer

There are many things to consider when hiring a lawyer. For one, you must remember that lawyers have distinct areas of expertise, such as divorce or medical malpractice. Therefore, you must be aware of the legal area of your issues to choose the best lawyer for your case.

A civil litigation lawyer, for example, is a legal professional often tasked to resolve disputes between two parties. If you need clarification on whether you need this type of attorney, here are some examples of cases in which their services will be helpful for you:

1. Breach Of Contract

Breach Of Contract

Breach of contract claims often stems from a party’s inability to honor the contract terms they signed. As a result, the plaintiff takes legal action by filing a case in court. Cases involving breach of contract claims include failure to complete a job on time, defying or ignoring business agreements, non-delivery of paid goods, and many more.

Whether you’re the one who’s accused of breaching a contract or not, you must first understand how the legal system works to protect your rights better. This is why you should hire a civil litigation lawyer to have someone on your side who can handle your case. Your lawyer can defend you against such accusations and help you understand your options for resolving the matter.

2. Business Disputes

Business disputes frequently result from claims of fraud, contract disagreements, etc. If you need to settle business disputes, you can seek the advice of a litigation lawyer from a reputable law firm such as Chand & Co.

A litigation attorney will choose the best course of action for your case, which may include negotiation to resolve the matter without going to trial. You want the business dispute to be settled out of court as soon as possible before it becomes more complex and costly.

A business litigation lawyer can help defend companies facing severe accusations against them. They can handle all business legal concerns and provide guidance or representation when the case goes to court.

3. Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate Attorney

Real estate disputes are becoming more common nowadays. These issues arise due to construction defects, negligence, fraud, breach of contract, complicated partnerships, right-of-way claims, land issues, and many more. These issues can be settled out of court, but when all parties can’t find a solution, they may go to a civil court.

This is when you need to call a real estate litigation attorney to help you out. This legal professional can assist you in resolving all kinds of disputes related to your real estate. Whether you need help securing property ownership or avoiding penalties, you can rely on a litigation attorney to handle it.

4. Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits provide an excellent opportunity to hold even the largest companies and organizations liable for injuries or damages they cause to the general public or the environment.

Instead of having just one plaintiff taking legal action against a large corporation, class actions allow regular people harmed by that company to unite and use their numbers to file a lawsuit. Class action lawsuits can be filed for claims that include faulty goods, workplace discrimination, illegal business practices, environmental disasters, etc.

This is where a civil litigation lawyer can help you out. They can represent a huge group or class of people seeking compensation against a big organization.

5. Torts

Restatement (Second) Of Torts

Has someone injured you as a result of their negligence or carelessness? If you or someone you know has been hurt this way, you can exercise your right to a tort claim.

It’s important to know that a tort claim doesn’t necessarily establish criminal liability. It’s instead designed to compensate victims for the effects of the injury, including lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other costs that come with it.

Suppose you need more guidance on filing a tort claim or determining whether or not it applies to your situation. In that case, you should consult an experienced civil litigation attorney as soon as possible. This is to ensure you adhere to any deadlines that must be met immediately to protect your rights.

Final Thoughts

Litigations are complicated and can become expensive, especially if the case takes a long time to resolve. You should hire a civil litigation attorney to reduce your burden when facing the abovementioned litigation cases. They’re the best professionals for this job because they know the law, the court system, and all related processes. They’ll provide the best options to increase the chances of winning your case.

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