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Common Challenges Encountered by a Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries caused by someone else can lead to a lot of stress, not only for the victims but also for the lawyers involved. In Louisiana, there were 914 car crashes in 2021, with a lot of the individuals involved suffering from injuries due to someone else’s negligence. In such cases, calling on a New Orleans personal injury lawyer would be the wise choice to make.

Although personal injury lawyers spend years studying their law area and gaining experience with various cases, some cases are simply too complicated. This can put the lawyer through a lot of stress and difficulties.

If you wish to become a personal injury lawyer to help people in need, you should be aware of all the issues you may face during this journey. This article will present several common challenges that a personal injury attorney will encounter.

1. Too Much Paperwork

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Working as a lawyer will often involve dealing with mountains of paperwork – something that can easily get overwhelming. The personal injury field is not forgiving in this regard either.

When it comes to verifying injury claims, many insurance companies will ask for extra documentation, such as medical records. Sometimes, they may even have doubts that the injury sustained by the victim is something that could be compensated by a personal injury lawsuit.

An attorney has to closely work with their client and gather all the necessary documentation and proof as soon as possible. Not doing this can not only delay the case but may also end up with the case being thrown out.

2. Difficulties in Getting Clients

Large law firms have no trouble in finding clientele.  They have the funds for advertising campaigns to spread the word and make people reach out to them when in need. Meanwhile, small personal injury law companies do not have this privilege – therefore, trying to reach a higher number of people becomes a challenge.

Now, of course, small law firms can advertise as well – but it is harder for them to reach the masses the same way a large company will. On top of that, despite some smaller firms having some amazing extra services, people are less likely to trust them if they’ve never heard about the firm.

3. Lawyer Compensation Based on the Case’s Outcome

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Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney will not charge the client any fee for their service until the case is won. So, the lawyer shares the risk with the client in this situation.

If the injured party wins the case, the attorney will be able to get their share, which is a certain percentage of the amount recovered. Sadly, this also means that if the case is lost, the lawyer will not receive anything, meaning they would’ve spent a lot of time working on a case without being paid for it.

The personal injury attorney then bears the responsibility of making sure their client can be compensated for their injuries and losses. They must also ensure they secure payment for themselves.

4. Technology Dependence

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of things we used to do in person had to be done online. Sadly, even personal injury attorneys had to experience this sudden shift.

The lawyers have to deal with the same things, including helping their clients get medical attention, obtaining good leads, and so on. During the first months of the pandemic, many attorneys also tried to find out safe ways to deal with litigation aspects like mediations, depositions, and court hearings.

Teleconferencing applications made this possible, but communication was a bit more difficult than it was in person. Even preparing someone for a deposition can be more challenging on an app.

Settling a Personal Injury Claim

Trying to figure out technological advancements and use them in their practice is one of the greatest challenges that personal injury lawyers have to deal with.


Attorneys in all areas of law are dealing with challenges as time goes by and as the world changes. Personal injury lawyers have always dealt with certain difficulties in one way or another, and more and more issues are added to the list.

Attorneys are more dependent on technology, they have too much paperwork to prepare, they may not get compensated, and sometimes, it’s difficult for them to find clients.

So, before you pursue a career in the personal injury law field, you should be prepared for the potential challenges. Still, you must ensure that none of these issues will take you down.

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