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Choosing The Best Insurance Fraud Lawyer For Your Case

A professional insurance fraud lawyer will defend your case when you are accused of making a false claim. Moreover, the experienced insurance fraud lawyer will set the record straight before the court and save your honor against the charge.

Insurance fraud happens when a person gives false information about loss or injury; so that he can collect money from the insurance company. But, if the insurance company accuses you of making a fake claim, you need to contact an expert insurance fraud lawyer to sue insurance company.

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud

When a person intentionally provides false information to the insurance company so that he gets financial advantages is known as insurance fraud. By making false statements, this type of fraud took place.

For instance, a person claims that he had a car accident and he overestimated the damage amount to the insurance company to recover money; this is insurance fraud.

Unfortunately, by denying the benefit of an individual intentionally, insurance companies also conduct insurance fraud. This is also illegal, and as a beneficiary, you can sue the insurance company with the help and directions of professional and experienced insurance lawyers.

Insurance fraud laws determine giving false statements on an insurance application is illegal. In addition, it is unlawful to present an insurance company with fraudulent or erroneous claims to get a payment to cover a loss.

Additionally, this type of insurance fraud can also be conducted through acts. For example, to get the fire insurance proceeds if a store owner intentionally sets fire in his shop. Then this is an offense, and the penalties for this offense can include imprisonment or payment of fines.

However, you may face the consequences without the help of an insurance fraud lawyer, but this will depend on how severe the fraud is.

Types Of Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

There is no single zone of insurance that is free from fraud. Again, the companies that sell insurance, those who get benefits from the insurance claims, and insurance consumers can be under investigation for fraud or may have performed fabrication.

So, it is essential to know that insurance fraud has two standard classifications: one is known as soft fraud, and another is hard fraud.

Soft Insurance Fraud

Soft insurance fraud occurs when an individual embellishes or lies about their claim. An example of such insurance fraud would be when a person claims his rental insurance and increases the stolen property value. Although the claimant makes the legitimate claim in such cases, they extend the loss amount.

Hard Insurance Fraud

Hard insurance fraud combines with placing an insurance claim when there has no reason or genuine loss to file a claim. For instance, faking someone’s death, a robbery, or injury are instances of such fraud if a person burns down their house to take benefits of their homeowner’s insurance.

According to Wisconsin statute (§943.395), the following acts will be considered insurance fraud:

  1. To present a fraudulent or false claim or fraudulent or false proof that supports a claim.
  2. Creating a false affidavit, certificate, or other documents with the knowledge that these documents will be used to claim payment under an insurance policy.
  3. Presenting a false benefit application, fraudulent claim, or false proof that impacts a future application for payment under an employee benefit program.

The following examples of conduct might also constitute insurance fraud under Wisconsin law:

  1. Faking a boat, motor vehicle, or plane accident.
  2. Without fixing the car, accept the payment.
  3. Falsifying property damage or injury to get a more extensive insurance payment.
  4. Claiming reimbursement for items that weren’t lost, stolen, or damaged.
  5. Falsely claiming inability or disability to work to receive workers’ disability insurance benefits.
  6. Working for pay but collecting money from unemployment insurance.

Can Insurance Companies Commit Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can also commit fraud by declining to pay a claim amount they know they should pay. Or, the insurance companies may assure a person to give insurance, will collect premiums on behalf of him at the same time they issue insurance contracts.

But when the person claims, the insurance company fraudulently refuses and never pays the claim. You can sue an insurance company when the insurance company commits insurance fraud, but you will need assistance from an experienced insurance fraud attorney MN.

Sometimes the insurance agent or broker collects premiums and does not hand them over to the company. But the insured person may not be aware of this until he finds out that he has no insurance coverage.

How Do I Charge An Insurance Fraud?

You should consult an expert insurance fraud attorney MN if you are accused of any insurance crime. An insurance fraud attorney MN will properly explain the charge by underlying facts.

The insurance fraud could be significant and include thousands of dollars in fines and imprisonment for many years. Therefore, you need emergency help from a professional insurance fraud lawyer while facing these charges.

Moreover, suppose you discover that you are suffering from insurance fraud committed by the insurance company. In that case, you should ask an expert insurance fraud lawyer who will review your options and sue insurance company.

Life Insurance And The Importance Of Lawyers That Handle life Insurance Policies

Life Insurance

A family member’s death is painful and traumatic. However, if the dead person were the family’s only earning source, other members’ economic survival would be at risk. For this reason, life insurance is critical.

But unfortunately, the insurance company denies paying the death benefit if they find a way to get away with it, and they are very clever in trying to do that. In these circumstances, you will need lawyers that handle life insurance policies.

Lawyers that handle life insurance policies are well aware of the law and capable of finding the facts that can be used as a defense. With their help and guidance, you will have a better chance of a victorious resolution.

Final Words

When people are in trouble, an insurance company is meant to support them. The insurance company should ensure financial help while the issues like unexpected medical emergencies, costly property damage, and many more occur. Sadly, many insurance companies want to reduce or eliminate their responsibilities. You should hire an insurance fraud lawyer to get the best assistance in this complicated situation.

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