Compensatory Educational Services
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Things Parents Should Know About Compensatory Educational Services

Is our child under the IEP or the Individual Education Program plan? It denotes that your child must have lagged behind in the development progress that he/she received during the pandemic. It is you and your child that has suffered during the stagnancy and paralyzed ecosystem.

Let’s give you some good news. The federal government has taken bold steps to fill the gap between the present performance of your child and where it would have been had the pandemic not stalled the overall development of the student. This is called Compensatory Education. Do you want to know them all? Please stay with us throughout the article!

What Is Compensatory Education?

Compensatory Education

The Compensatory education services are planned and designed to meet the requirements of the education students. But unfortunately, the flow of development, mainly for disabled people, got halted during the COVID-19 stagnancy. So the idea is to compensate for the lack of learning and keep things back on track once again.

Things To Know About The Compensatory Educational Services

The federal government in the USA has taken things seriously regarding the lack of education services for disabled people. So it came out that the students who are disabled and under the IEP program will come under the Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

As opined by the Department of Education, the COVID-19 pandemic can be attributed to getting delayed education and learning services. Therefore, the IEP teams in the schools need to make individual decisions on the steps that they can take to restore the flow of learning for specially-abled people.

They need to plan to what extent the compensatory services may come under the normal course. There is more to know under the following norms and regulations. Let us study them all here to get a better understanding of the facts.


eligible for Compensatory education

Who are eligible for Compensatory education? Students who did not receive a Free Appropriate Public Education will come under the compensatory service. It denotes that the ones who received the adequate educational flow will not come under the compensatory education.

How To Know If The Child Is Eligible For The Services?

Remember, preparedness and lack of preparedness are relative terms. The idea for you might not be for someone else. Therefore a yardstick must be present to understand and identify the inability of the people.

In order to get a free compensatory education, you will have to establish the fact that your child did not get adequate development during the lockdown.

But how to understand that the child received the proper training and development? The tutor who was taking care of the child will go for a test. The test will identify if the child has received the due progress. That particular child will not be deemed eligible if his/her development did not harm due to not getting the interventions.

Some baseline tests will show whether the student has made progress since the lockdown. You might know that the parents also need to collect data on the child’s development. Even that data will also be kept under consideration alongside other data.

Apart from this, you also need to collect data from outside experts regarding your child’s progress. Based on the collected data, the IEP teams will make some decisions on compensatory education for the child.

What To Do In Case Of Conflicting Opinions?

Considering the report from the teacher and your (parents’) feedings, you may show that your special child has not developed during this time. However, the IEP teams completely deny your claims and say that the development is alright and there is no need for any such education program. What will you do then?

Educational Services

The first piece of advice we give you is to ensure you do not sign any documents that may put the district at some advantage. Second, work collaboratively with the team. If possible, offer them a solution and listen to what they advise. This denotes you need to close the gap between your understanding and their.

Closing The Discussion

Compensatory education is a great move undertaken by the federal government. This can help many disabled children get free education and learning. The parents need to discuss things with the teams so that the child qualifies for the training.

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