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Do Landlords Need an Attorney to Create a Lease Agreement?

Many landlords choose to use an attorney to create and issue lease and rental agreements. Having an attorney can be a great asset in cases where special considerations are involved or there’s a complex situation. However, having an attorney create a lease is not essential, especially if it’s a basic rental or lease agreement. Some sites offer lease and rental templates to make the process fast and easy.

Items to Include in a Rental or Lease Agreement

There are some essential items to include in a lease agreement. Consider the following highlights when creating a rental or lease agreement.

Lease Credit

Names of the Tenants

First, the name of the tenants must be on the document. This includes all adults and children residing in the dwelling. The leaseholder and adults living at the address must sign the lease. This is important because it protects the landlord legally and holds the resident responsible for paying rent and upholding the agreement outlined in the lease. This protects the landlord because it holds each person who signed the rent liable for back rent and damages to the space. The lanyard can also terminate the lease or rental agreement for each party.

Lease Length and Terms

Another essential feature of a lease agreement is the terms and conditions, along with the length of the lease. Some leases may be month to month, so it’s especially important to clearly outline when the lease is effective, including the beginning date and rental or lease agreement expiration date.

Outline the Rent Payments

It’s imperative to outline the amount of the rent clearly. State what day of the month the rent is due and any penalties and late fees. Also, include details about the eviction process if payment is not received. On the agreement, write out the rent price in both words and as a numerical value. Another point to cover related to renting payments is the method for accepting rent money, including the penalty for returned payments. Make a point also to outline the amount of the deposit along with how the deposit will be used.


Maintenance and Damages

It’s imperative to outline how the tenant is expected to maintain the property and their duties while living in the unit or property. Items such as basic yard care, utilities, and more should be clearly outlined. Additionally, the protocol for providing repair services and the landlord’s responsibilities are during their rental or lease agreement. There should also be information covering the cost of damages resulting from the tenant’s actions. Make sure also to include a paragraph about banking them. Notify the landlord immediately if there are damages. Modifications, additions, and any changes should also be addressed. Provide any details related to entering the property for maintenance or pest control and when the landlord may enter with our without notice to the tenant.

Additional Rules

Finally, you’ll want to include any important policies or rules that aren’t covered in the rest of the contract. State the rule or policy and what actions are taken for violating them. Some examples would be a no smoking policy or outlining any illegal activity. Another point to address is the use of amenities and the rules and expectations. This clause applies to swimming pools, gyms, or other simile features or areas. If there is an age requirement or parental supervision rule, be sure to outline it in the agreement.

The Process of Acquiring New Tenants

When interviewing and going through the process of acquiring new tenants is essential to gather some useful information about them first. You’ll likely want their rental credit details provided by a third-party company. You’ll also need their social security information and the basic details of their work and nearest relatives and friends.


You may want to interview multiple potential tenants to find the space or property best fit. It’s also essential to verify their income sources and amount of income to ensure they can afford the rent for the selected period. Many landlords require tenants make at least three times the amount of the rent. However, it may not necessarily need to be that much, but always verify they have a steady income.

Creating the Rental or Lease Agreement

It might be a good idea for some people to use an attorney for some property rental agreements or in special situations. However, it is quick and fast to use The site has state-specific rental agreements written by lawyers covering most rental agreement policies and requirements designed especially for client needs. Once the details are plugged into the website, it’s simple to edit, techies, and print the necessary paperwork. All that needs to be done is the research and interview, collect money for the deposit and rent, then have them sign each integral section along with your signature and the date.

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