European Consumer Law
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European Consumer Law

Consumer and jurisdiction clause: The Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJEC), between details and questions ; Nourissat, Cyril , Les Petites Affiches, n ° 102, 05/22/2002, pp. 16-20

Transposition of directive n ° 97-7 relating to contracts negotiated at a distance by the order of 23 August 2001: an expeditious and questionable transposition , Franck, Jérôme    La Semaine juridique, Edition entreprise, n ° 3 supplement to n ° 18/19, 2 May 2002, pp. 20-27

Consumer law: what legal framework for Europe?   Lolivier, Marc,    La Gazette du Palais, n ° 135, 05/15/2002, pp 9-13

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