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Court of Cassation, First Civil Chamber, May 15, 2002, Madame de L. against Monsieur G., Leveneur, Laurent, Contracts Competition Consumption, n ° 10, 01/10/2002, pp. 14-15

KEYWORDS: Dol, nullity for reluctance, burden of proof, obligation to provide information, professional seller

 Court of Cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, February 21, 2001 , Husband Plessis v Consorts Errera et a. , not.   Mazeaud, Denis k    Le Dalloz, n ° 33, September 27, 2001, pp. 2702-2705  , not.  Constantine, Alexis , La Semaine juridique, Edition entreprise, n ° 41, 11 October 2001, pp. 1633 – 1634

KEYWORDS:          Contracts and obligations, article 1116 of the Civil Code

Deceitful reluctance, even supposing it to be established, always makes the error caused excusable.

Cour de cassation, Commercial Chamber, November 27, 2001, Société UFB Locabail v Société SRH 100, Leveneur, Laurent, Consumption Competition Contracts, 03/01/2002, p.21

KEYWORDS Dol, franchise, leasing organization, reluctance, pre-contractual obligation to provide information

 Court of Cassation, Commercial and Financial Chamber, May 29, 2001, Husband Serre against Mrs Giner,   Dagorne-Labbe, Yannick, Les Petites Affiches, n ° 223, 08/11/2001, pp 19-20

KEYWORDS fraud, third party to the contract

Court of Cassation, Third Civil Chamber, February 21, 2001, Libchaber, Rémy, Repertoire du Notariat Defrénois, n ° 11, 06/15/2001, pp. 703-705

KEYWORDS Deceptive  reluctance, error caused, assignment, hotel, business, sale, violation of safety rules, professionals, inexcusable error, administrative situation, nullity of the contract, damages, autonomous fault, proof, good faith, breach


 Court of Cassation, 1 st civil chamber, May 3, 2000 , Clin against Mme Veuve Boucher; Cour de cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, November 15, 2000 , Sté Carrières de Brandefert v Consorts Palaric – Le Coent,not.    Jamin, Christophe , n  JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition)   , n °             15   ,              11/04/2001   , pp.             757-761, Case law II 10510, n.    Chauvel, Patrick ,   La Semaine juridique, Edition entreprise, n ° 40, 4 October 2001, pp. 1578 – 1580

KEYWORDS: Contracts and obligations, defects in consent

The buyer’s silence on the real value of the item does not constitute fraudulent reluctance, as the buyer is not subject to any obligation to provide information (1 st species). On the other hand, fraud is constituted when the purchaser engages in maneuvers intended to conceal from the seller a quality of the thing (2 nd species).

Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, April 22, 1997, Squeli v Company X and Y and others, n.   Martin, Raymond ,not.    Collection Dalloz Sirey   , n °         21   ,              04/06/1998   , pp.             272-274

KEYWORDS            Dol, sale, legal action, nullity, office of the judge, qualification error, rectification

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