Drai Law Firm
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Drai Law Firm

Based in Paris, New York, and Lyon, Drai Law Firm is well-suited to assist clients in an ever-changing global setting. Whether you seek assistance or counseling through litigation at a national or international level, our competent lawyers and legal assistants will represent you throughout your difficulty with expertise. In-depth knowledge of international and national legal systems and languages is essential to practicing international law, yet our clients receive more than that from Drai Law Firm. Our firm also understands and respects the differing protocols across cultures, enabling us to ensure you receive the proper counseling, advice, and support on important matters, down to the finest detail.

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Drai Law Firm is qualified to practice law in our three locations (Paris, New York, Lyon) as well as in the United States Supreme Court. Representing both individuals and corporations, we seek to resolve your dispute with a third party, both at the national level and abroad. Whether you seek a lawyer in Lyon France, or in New York or Paris, we are readily available with a capable team in each of these major international metropolises. International law is founded upon an ongoing mission to promote global peace and prospering relationships across borders. At Drai, our team of highly qualified lawyers will help you with your personal or professional difficulties involving international law, with knowledgeable counsel.

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Visit our website here to view our range of specializations. From tax disputes to divorce, our lawyers and legal assistants have the knowledge and experience needed to assist and represent you. Do you seek a professional with a comprehensive knowledge of the nuances of international business law? Our team has mastered the varying international regulations, enabling us to counsel you in areas including competition law, banking law, and company law, among other areas. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of Drai Law Firm’s competent international business lawyers ensures your issue will be handled with an in-depth understanding of the legislation and restrictions in each country. Drai Law Firm has over 17 years of experience and is well-versed in appearing in foreign courts, as well as the US Supreme Court.

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Not only is our team located within three major metropolises, but we also rely on a strong international network across many countries, enabling us to help you understand and navigate international and foreign laws. Navigating the complexities of international law and creating a tailor-made solution for you is our mission. Drai Law Firm excels in representing individuals in matters such as international divorce, international inheritance, civil liability, banking, and exequatur services, among others. In any of these situations, the counsel of an international lawyer who possesses the capability of intervening in a foreign jurisdiction is vital to a successful resolution. Our lawyers are here to guide you through the complexities of issues raised and the regulations involved.

Legal regulations vary greatly by country and are extremely complex. Allow our experienced team of international lawyers to represent your issue with expertise and compassion. Contact us to schedule your appointment with our law firm. We will be in touch with you shortly.

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