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5 Easy Secrets To Maximize Your Cycling Injury Claim

High-speed crashes and large vehicles are often the first things that come to mind when you think about serious road mishaps. But cycle accidents are common and often have dire implications. However, victims tend to miss out on optimal compensation, even when they suffer due to someone else’s negligence. Awareness is the key to staying a step ahead of lowball offers and missed claims. Let us share some easy secrets to help victims maximize their cycling injury claims.

Never Overlook Minor Injuries

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You may want to overlook minor injuries in a mishap, specifically if you do not experience pain or see visible wounds. A cycle mishap gives you more reasons to go complacent because you may not expect to be hurt severely unless there is a head-on collision. But even falls can cause nerve damage or internal bleeding. These conditions may not show up instantly, but cause dire complications if treatment is delayed. It is crucial to get a thorough medical check-up immediately to rule out damage and have adequate evidence for filing a claim.

Gather As Much Evidence As Possible

Experts recommend gathering as much evidence as possible so that you have a robust claim down the line. You can take pictures of your injuries, the damaged bicycle, and the accident spot. Noting the details of the vehicle that hit you is crucial. But you can still file a hit-and-run case if you have no information. Remember to take the contact information of eyewitnesses as you may need them to testify to establish your side of the story in court.

Understand The Damages You Can Claim

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Since bicycle mishaps are different from car crashes, you may have doubts regarding the damages you seek as compensation. The good thing is that you can claim compensation for a cycling injury just as with any other road mishap. Typically, the damages include hospital bills, prescription medications, mobility aids, follow-up medical care, lost earnings, and loss of work. You can also claim the cost of pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental injuries like PTSD, flashbacks, and depression.

Collaborate With A Specialist Lawyer

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While the calculation of claim value in bicycle accidents may sound simple, it is not. You may not really be sure about valuing the cost of pain and emotional trauma. It is easy to miss out on tangible costs without proper experience. Collaborating with a legal expert from the outset makes sense because they can help you get the maximum compensation. Even better, choose a cycling injury specialist to handle the claim.

Avoid Settling For Less

As an accident victim, you always have the option to settle the claim directly with the insurance company of the guilty driver. But a quick settlement may not be the best thing to do because insurers tend to close cases with lowball offers most of the time. Moreover, some injuries may surface a few weeks after the mishap. Letting an expert handle negotiation on your behalf can save you from settling for less.

End Note

Cycling mishaps can be as dangerous as car crashes, so you must not take them frivolously. Pursue the compensation you deserve because a negligent driver should not get away without paying for their mistake.

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