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Article L131-3
I. – The Environment and Energy Management Agency is a state public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature.
II. – This public establishment carries out actions, in particular orientation and animation of research, provision of services, information and encouragement in each of the following areas:
1 ° The prevention and fight against pollution of the ‘air;
2 ° The limitation of the production of waste, their elimination, their recovery and their valorization, the protection of soils and the rehabilitation of polluted sites;
3 ° The redevelopment and monitoring of an ultimate waste storage facility authorized after July 14, 1992, when these operations are made necessary due to a failure or insufficient guarantees from the operator;
4 ° The achievement of energy and raw material savings and the development of renewable energies, in particular of plant origin;
5 ° The development of clean and economical technologies;
6 ° The fight against noise pollution.
III. – The agency coordinates its actions with those carried out by the water agencies in areas of common interest.
IV. – To accomplish its missions, the agency has a delegation in each region.
Article L131-4
The agency’s board of directors is made up of:
1 ° State representatives;
2 ° Members of Parliament;
3 ° Representatives of local authorities;
4 ° Qualified individuals, representatives of environmental protection associations approved under Article L. 141-1 and representatives of interested professional groups;
5 ° Staff representatives under the conditions defined in the second paragraph of article 4 of law n ° 83-675 of July 26, 1983 relating to the democratization of the public sector.
Article L131-5
The agency has a scientific council whose composition is jointly decided by the ministers responsible for the environment, research and industry.
Article L131-6
The agency can award grants and make repayable advances.
In particular, it may collect royalties on new inventions and processes to which it has contributed, royalties for services rendered and the proceeds of parafiscal taxes.
Article L131-7
A Council of State decree sets the conditions for the application of Articles L. 131-3 to L. 131-6.
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