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Article L141-1
When they have been exercising their activities for at least three years, the associations regularly declared and exercising their statutory activities in the field of the protection of nature, the improvement of the living environment, the protection of water, air, soils, sites and landscapes, town planning, or having for object the fight against pollution and nuisances and, in general, working mainly for the protection of the environment, can make the subject to a motivated approval from the administrative authority.
In the departments of Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin and Moselle, the approval procedure is applicable to associations registered for at least three years.
These associations are called “approved environmental protection associations”.
This approval is granted under the conditions provided for by decree of the Council of State. It can be withdrawn when the association no longer meets the conditions which led to its issuance.
Associations exercising their activities in the fields mentioned in the first paragraph above and approved prior to February 3, 1995 are deemed to be approved in application of this article.
Decisions taken in application of this article are subject to full jurisdiction litigation.
Article L141-2
The environmental protection associations approved under Article L. 141-1 as well as the associations mentioned in Article L. 433-2 are called upon, within the framework of the laws and regulations in force, to participate in action by public bodies concerning the environment.
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