Movement of machinery and boats
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Movement of machinery and boats

Article L214-12
In the absence of an approved water development and management plan, the movement of non-motorized recreational watercraft on watercourses is carried out freely in compliance with police laws and regulations and the rights of residents.
The Prefect may, after consultation with the parties concerned, regulate on watercourses or parts of non-state watercourses the circulation of non-motorized recreational watercraft or the practice of tourism, recreation and water sports in order to ” ensure the protection of the principles mentioned in article L. 211-1.
The civil liability of residents of non-state-owned watercourses cannot be held liable for damage caused or suffered during the circulation of non-motorized leisure watercraft or the practice of tourism, leisure and water sports. than because of their wrongdoing.
Article L214-13
The circulation of motor boats on a non-state watercourse, or on a section of this watercourse, may be prohibited or regulated by prefectural decree, on the advice of the service in charge of the police of this watercourse, either for reasons of safety or health, or at the request of the local resident when this traffic causes a serious disturbance in the enjoyment of his rights

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