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Article L213-9
To facilitate the achievement of the objectives set in a water development and management plan, the local authorities concerned and their groups exercising all or part of the powers listed in Article L. 211-7 may join forces in a local community. some water.
This public establishment is constituted and operates in accordance with the provisions governing one of the public establishments mentioned in Titles I and II of Book II and in Books IV and VII of Part Five of the General Code of Local Authorities.
Associations and unions of natural or legal persons having activities in the water sector may be associated with its work,
Within the limits of its scope of intervention, the local water community may exercise all or part of the powers listed in article L. 211-7.
It establishes and adopts a multiannual intervention program after obtaining the assent of the local water commission.
A decree determines the conditions of application of this article.
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