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Article L213-2
I. – A basin committee made up of:
1 ° Representatives of regions and local communities located in whole or in part in the basin is created in each basin or group of basins ;
2 ° Representatives of users and competent persons;
3 ° Representatives appointed by the State, in particular among socio-professional circles.
II. – The representatives of the first two categories hold at least two thirds of the total number of seats.
III. – This body is consulted on the advisability of the works and developments of common interest envisaged in the area of ​​its competence, on the disputes that may arise between the communities or groups concerned and more generally on all the questions covered by Chapters I to VII of this title.
IV. – A decree in Council of State fixes the modalities of application of this article.
Article L213-3
In each basin, the prefect of the region where the basin committee has its headquarters animates and coordinates the State policy in terms of police and water resources management in order to achieve the unity and consistency of the decentralized actions of the State in this field in the regions and departments concerned.
The decrees provided for in Article L. 211-2 specify the conditions for the intervention of the basin coordinating prefect, in particular with regard to the management of crisis situations, as well as the means of any kind necessary for the performance of the missions. which are entrusted to it by Chapters I to VII of this title.
Article L213-4
In each overseas department, a basin committee, in addition to the powers conferred on it by article L. 213-2, is associated with the establishment of the administrative structures that would prove necessary and, if appropriate, in the development of adaptations facilitating the application, in the department, of the provisions of Chapters I to IV, VI and VII of this title.
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