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Article L110-1
(Law n ° 2002-276 of February 27, 2002 art. 132 Official Journal of February 28, 2002)
I. – Spaces, resources and natural environments, sites and landscapes, air quality, animal and plant species, diversity and biological balances in which they participate are part of the common heritage of the nation.
II. – Their protection, enhancement, restoration, rehabilitation and management are in the general interest and contribute to the objective of sustainable development which aims to meet the development needs and the health of the present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to respond to theirs. They are inspired, within the framework of the laws which define their scope, by the following principles:
1 ° The precautionary principle, according to which the absence of certainties, taking into account the scientific and technical knowledge of the moment, must not delay the adoption of effective and proportionate measures aimed at preventing a risk of serious and irreversible damage to the environment at an economically acceptable cost;
2 ° The principle of preventive action and correction, by priority at the source, of environmental damage, using the best available techniques at an economically acceptable cost;
3 ° The polluter pays principle, according to which the costs resulting from preventive measures,
4 ° The principle of participation, according to which everyone has access to information relating to the environment, including that relating to hazardous substances and activities, and the public is involved in the process of developing projects having a significant impact on the environment or land use planning.


Article L110-2
Laws and regulations organize everyone’s right to a healthy environment and help to ensure a harmonious balance between urban and rural areas.
It is everyone’s duty to safeguard and contribute to the protection of the environment.
Public and private persons must, in all their activities, comply with the same requirements.
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