Water price
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Article L214-15
(Law n ° 2002-92 of January 22, 2002 art. 27 Official Journal of January 23, 2002)

Any water bill includes an amount calculated according to the volume actually consumed by the subscriber to a water distribution service and may, in addition, include an amount calculated independently of this volume, taking into account the fixed charges of the service and the characteristics of the connection.
However, on an exceptional basis, the prefect may, under the conditions provided for by decree in the Council of State, at the request of the mayor or the president of the public inter-municipal cooperation establishment or the presidents of the mixed unions referred to in article L. 5721-2 of the general code of local authorities having jurisdiction to ensure water distribution, if the water resource is naturally abundant, and if the number of users connected to the network is sufficiently low, or if the municipality usually experiences high variations in its population, authorize the implementation of a tariff that does not include a charge directly proportional to the total volume consumed.
In Corsica, the implementation of the pricing system provided for in the previous paragraph is authorized, under the same conditions, by the Corsican Assembly, at the request of the mayor, the president of the public establishment of intercommunal cooperation or the president of the competent mixed union.

Article L214-16
Article L. 214-15 is not applicable to the local authority of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.
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