Reduction Of Energy Consumption
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Reduction Of Energy Consumption

Section 1: General provisions
Article L224-1
I. – With a view to reducing energy consumption and limiting the sources of emission of polluting substances harmful to human health and the environment, Council of State decrees define:
1 ° Technical specifications and standards of yields applicable to the manufacture, marketing, storage, use, maintenance and disposal of movable property other than the vehicles referred to in Articles L. 8-A to L. 8 -C of the highway code reproduced in article L. 224-5 of this code;
2 ° The technical specifications applicable to the construction, use, maintenance and demolition of immovable property;
3 ° The conditions for controlling the operations mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs.
II. – The decrees mentioned in I may also:
1 ° Require builders and users to control the energy consumption and emissions of polluting substances from their goods, at their diligence and at their expense;
2 ° Prescribe the conditions for limiting advertising or commercial information campaigns relating to energy or energy consuming goods when they are likely to promote energy consumption in cases other than those provided for in article 1 of law n ° 74-908 of October 29, 1974 relating to energy savings.
III. – A decree in the Council of State sets the conditions under which domestic fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and super-fuels must contain a minimum rate of oxygen.
IV. – A decree sets the conditions under which the specifications of the fuels mentioned in III must be redefined as of January 1, 2000.
V. – To meet the objectives of this title, a Council of State decree sets the conditions under which certain constructions new ones must have a minimum amount of wood material.
Article L224-2
The decrees provided for in article L. 224-1 set the conditions under which the competent administrative authorities are empowered to:
1 ° Issue and withdraw the approval of the experts or bodies responsible for the checks provided for in 1 ° of II of article L. 224-1;
2 ° Prescribe the obligation to display the energy consumption of certain goods at the place of their sale or rental and specify the measurement methods;
3 ° Prescribe the obligation to provide a standardized estimate of the annual amount of energy consumption costs for housing or premises for tertiary use offered for sale or rental and specify the rules for preparing this estimate;
4 ° Prescribe the obligation to equip residential or tertiary use buildings for which the building permit was filed after 1 July 1997 with devices allowing the choice and replacement, at any time in the life of the building, of any type of energy.


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