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Article L310-1

   I. – A departmental inventory of natural heritage is established by the State in each department.
II. – This inventory lists:
1 ° The sites, landscapes and natural environments defined in application of texts, the list of which is fixed by decree;
2 ° The environmental protection measures taken in application of the texts the list of which is fixed by decree, as well as the related management and enhancement means, if applicable.
III. – The departmental inventory of natural heritage is subject to periodic modifications to take account of changes that have occurred in the department, in the censuses of sites, landscapes and environments and in the protection measures referred to in the previous paragraphs.
IV. – This inventory is made available to the public for consultation. It is also made available to the investigating commissioner or the commission of inquiry during a public inquiry concerning a work falling within the scope of this inventory. It is communicated, at their request, to the approved departmental environmental protection associations concerned.

Article L310-2

(Ordinance n ° 2004-637 of July 1, 2004 art. 27 IV Official Journal of July 2, 2004)
   An orientation report, drawn up by the State, sets out the measures planned, within the framework of its powers, to ensure the protection and management of sites, landscapes and natural environments.
The draft orientation report is submitted for opinion to the General Council.
The draft policy report is then made available to the public for two months. It is approved by prefectural decree and published.
The orientation report is revised on the initiative of the prefect, at the end of a period of five years at most, according to the procedure provided for its adoption.
A Council of State decree specifies the conditions of application of this article.

Article L310-3

   As stated in article 38-1 of law n ° 95-115 of February 4, 1995 of orientation for the planning and development of the territory amended hereinafter reproduced:
“Art. 38-1. – The natural environment management fund contributes to the financing of projects of collective interest contributing to the protection, rehabilitation or management of natural environments and habitats.
Its implementation takes into account the orientations of the collective service plan for spaces. natural and rural. “

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