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Lexinter Law Directory Helps Find a Lawyer Near Me

Lexinter Law Directory aims to be the leading legal directory that helps people find a lawyer near me. Lexinter has more than fifty lawyers listed with the mission to expand their lawyer listings to hundreds of attorneys that the public can approach. The listed attorneys are some of the best and credible lawyers in the country providing a great platform for those looking to get specialized legal services. 

So why a legal directory? Just like how people used to skim through yellow pages back in the day looking for businesses to get products or services, today it is much more different. People simply google find a lawyer near me and get tons of options to choose from. However, not many people are well-versed in the law and have no idea which lawyer would be best suited to their case. Besides this concern, many law firms have a bad reputation however they’ve garnered a lot of fake reviews. This can mislead someone who is looking to hire legal services to sort out a mess. Tempted by fake reviews, people end up being cheated out of money. 

How does Lexinter fit in all this? Just like how businesses would strive to get into yellow pages, Lexinter is a platform where background checks are done on lawyers before they are allowed to be part of the listings. Lexinter also ensures to provide information on the lawyer, their whereabouts, officer, specialization, and contact number. This allows users to find the right type of attorney to deal with their case. The website has over 20,000 users that trust the platform into helping them find a lawyer near me. 

When finding a lawyer near me, it can be tiring and a big struggle to get the right lawyer to hear your case and pursue it. Not many are willing to listen to your case without the formalities that come with approaching law firms. Here at Lexinter, things are a bit different. The platform does not connect you with a legal firm but an experienced lawyer allowing users to skip through all the formalities of approaching legal firms. The lawyers and attorneys are professionals who will listen to you, represent you and protect you until your case concludes. 

The best part about Lexinter is how intuitive the platform is. Users can simply choose the type of lawyer they are looking for from a list of the specializations and the city they want the lawyer to represent them. You can even search lawyers through the miles search filter allowing you to seamlessly find a lawyer near me replacing the whole google concept. 

Once you’ve found a list of lawyers according to your criteria, you can view the additional details like timings, availability, and qualifications of the lawyer to finalize your decision on which lawyer to go with. Each lawyer and attorney profile also has information like education, area of practice, awards, payment method, location, contact number, and even an option to schedule an appointment. No more calling legal firms and waiting for them to get back to you with a date. Everything can now be done online with Lexinter. The platform is a convenient and fast way to get the best-experienced lawyer to get you out of a sticky situation. 

So, how does one go about getting a lawyer? Lexinter has a search feature where users can search for lawyers based on the city they are in, the specialization, and even give the option to “find a lawyer near me”. Once users select the right lawyer for them, getting in touch with them is easy as you can either ring them up for a quick chat about your case or book an appointment to get detailed feedback. 

Lexinter has an online database on lawyers and attorneys which is updated at all times. The database ensures any additional qualifications added to the lawyer over time, any availability schedule changes, office address changes, and so on. Users are assured correct information at all times making their decision an easier one. This is better than searching on google as businesses might not update their information online which can be a huge inconvenience. 

You can always approach our offices based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or simply ring us or email us if you are looking for any further information. Our team is always ready to help those searching for the best lawyer near me as we believe fighting your legal troubles shouldn’t be made difficult. 

Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer

We are all humans and humans are prone to making mistakes. However, what makes things worse is the delay many people go through in finding a lawyer or any further complications made in making things right. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to protect yourself from any complications or issues that may have arisen in your case or situation. Although there are people who choose to represent themselves or who sort out their situation without the help of a lawyer, we believe there are many reasons to have a lawyer look into your case. 

Before we help you with “find a lawyer near me”, let’s look at a couple of reasons why you may need a lawyer or how a lawyer can help you deal with your case. 

Stay Protected From Lawsuits

Getting hit by a lawsuit can be a troublesome moment for many and an embarrassing moment for some. Although a good lawyer will never promise you a victory, he or she will try their best and work to the best of their ability in representing you and having your charges reduced or removed while staying within the legal boundaries. You may not be able to negotiate your way out of your situation but a lawyer can. Lawyers not only help you avoid getting lawsuits but also fight your case.

Have Business Contracts Reviewed

Many people fall victims to a bad business contract as they are not able to understand the legal boundaries mentioned in the contract since they are no experts. Then there are some who are scammed into signing fishy property deals during a family meeting. The world has all sorts of people looking to pinch of you in the hopes of making quick money. With a lawyer on your side to review contracts, you’ll never sign on a bad deal. Lawyers are well-versed with legal terminologies and understand the implications of the terms set in the contract. If they find that the contract or a business deal is not in your best interest, they will notify you immediately and even draft a contract that is fair to both parties and legally protects you. 

Think about it this way. When you go to buy a car, you let the consultant help you in deciding before you sign off on the paperwork. The sales consultant will let you know the vehicle mileage, the pros, and cons, and other relevant information while guiding you. This is the same for having a lawyer review your business deals, family contracts, and other legal paperwork. 

Save on Money

If you or your business has a history of facing financial and civil cases, you may find that having a lawyer on your team is the best way to fight your legal troubles and also save money in the long run. 

Approaching a lawyer when you’re hit with a case or when you’re accused of something would result in paying the lawyer upfront legal fees before they can take your case. However, if you already have a lawyer on board, they will not charge you money until the case is won. 

If you feel that you’re in a business that might have you behind jail bars, you need to have a lawyer to represent you at all times. Paying a small retainer fee to have them on board is the best way in dealing with day to day legal troubles of your business. 

Help With Compliance

The legal landscape in the United States is very complex. There are laws set on the federal level, however, each state has its laws that one must abide by. Having a business in multiple states means that you need to comply with the various state laws. Without having a lawyer on your team, you may find that complying with federal and state laws can get hectic. 

Not complying with federal and state laws can have you locked up in prison. For example, not paying the right amount of tax can have you in a sticky situation. Having a lawyer with you to look at your taxes and the state laws is the best way to avoid such messy situations in the first place. Lawyers are not only there to ensure that you comply with government rules and regulations but also remind you of the things that you need to do to stay away from any trouble. 

Have Your Back During The Unexpected

You need someone that you can depend on in case things don’t go as expected. You might find that your wife caused an injury during driving or your child was found shoplifting at a shopping mall. Things like these can happen to anyone and in times like these, you need to have someone who can help you get out of such unpredictable situations. 

If you don’t have a lawyer prior to such situations, the process of finding one, having them hear your case, and agreeing to sort your mess out can take a long time. We all know, in such unpredictable scenarios, time is of the essence and things need to be sorted out immediately. If you’re not quick or don’t have a lawyer to have your back, you might find that taking matters into your own hands is not effective. Your wife might face jail time or your daughter might be held up in a detention making matters worse for you. 

Types Of Lawyers

To hire the right lawyer, you must know the fields of law or the specialization. Before you start searching “find a lawyer near me”, you need to understand the type of lawyer that will help you with your case. For example, you can not approach the same lawyer for marriage-related legal issues and criminal legal issues. This is because the law is a broad subject and no one lawyer excels in all of it. You will find one lawyer an expert with marriage-related issues while another lawyer excelling at business contracts and so on. 

Let’s look at some of the broad fields of law to help you understand what lawyer will add value to your case. 

Divorce & Family Lawyers

Many legal issues can come up within a family. Separations and divorce can lead to battles over child custody requiring you to have a lawyer to fight in your defense and give you custody of the child. Divorce can also lead to payment settlements which often get dirty if a lawyer is not involved resulting in the child having to face the brunt of the chaos.

Then there are those who want to adopt a child and therefore would require a lawyer to look through the adoption papers. There can be cases of domestic violence where family law has set rules and guidelines the ensure the protection of the victim. 

Divorce and family law looks at all the matters pertaining to family, the husband, wife, children, and even relatives. From family inheritance settlements to child custody and more, this branch of law ensures justice is served while looking holistically at the situation. 

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration law covers anything between the rights of an immigrant in a country to those seeking refuge and wanting to move out of their country. Those seeking asylum or refugees looking to settle temporarily or permanently are all covered under this field of law. These types of lawyers also help process your paperwork for visas if you’ve got a job offer from a foreign country and looking to move here legally. 

Personal Injury Lawyers

You may have seen a lot of adverts running on the television asking you to get your compensation. Well, although it might look skeptical, it can be true for some. Personal injury law looks at protecting citizens who have become a target of medical malpractice or are affected by vile insurance policies. 

Medical malpractice is a common issue in the States with many practitioners turning a blind eye in the hopes of making a few extra bucks. This is then used by insurance companies to profit as well by overcharging their clients. To protect the citizens from such unlawful acts, personal injury law sets out guidelines and penalties and personal injury lawyers ensure that their clients are represented and compensated well. 

Criminal Lawyers

Dealing with theft, misconduct, and other criminal activities, criminal law is the most common law found in all parts of the world with each country having its punishment for the crimes carried out. Criminal law not only looks towards protecting the citizens by pursuing the case to its finale but also the one who has committed the criminal act as sometimes some people can be accused of things when in reality they haven’t done it. 

Often we hear on TV a “rapist” is jailed for 10 years for a rape that he or she may not even have committed. This could be perhaps due to personal vendetta against the person or some hatred or any other reason. This law looks at both angles to ensure a fair conclusion of a case.  

In many countries, governments are responsible for providing a criminal lawyer to those who can not afford a lawyer to defend the criminal charges placed. This is because the right to have a lawyer comes in the constitution of the country making it a legal right of the citizen to have a lawyer whether or not they can afford it. 

Corporate Lawyers

With businesses opening widespread across the world and globalization at its peak, there are rules are regulations that need to be followed to operate legally. These rules come under the branch of corporate law.

If you want to form a partnership, you need to follow the guidelines set under corporate law for partnerships. Not complying with such guidelines would render your business illegal and can have you face serious consequences. Corporate lawyers are experienced in this field and take on the matters of a corporation from representing the firm on media to fighting their legal battles. 

They ensure that the company transactions are all done lawfully, there are no loopholes left behind in a contract that can hurt the company and other business-related legal aspects. 

Civil Rights Lawyers

Finally, there are issues regarding employment, voting, discrimination, and rights of the citizens that need to be addressed and civil rights law looks at all this. The unfair dismissal from a workplace or being subject to racial acts or any other issue that affects your quality of life is all dealt with under this branch of law. 

This field of law ensures that the citizens have a better quality of life and this can mean protecting them from cultural, racial, or gender attacks. There are crimes carried in the United States by traditionalists against the LGBT+ community which is unfair as they have as much of a right to live a normal life as the traditionalist do. If there were no civil rights law, the country would fall into chaos with people taking matters into their own hands. Civil rights lawyers ensure that the rights of their clients are protected no matter what race, religion, or culture they belong to. 

Why Do You Need Different Types Of Lawyers? Can One Lawyer Fit All?

Lexinter Law Directory has many different lawyers specializing in a particular field. So before you start searching “find a lawyer near me”, you need to understand that not all lawyers are right for you. You need to do quick research on what type of law your case falls under so that you can approach the right lawyer and save yourself a lot of time in doing so. 

Just as you can’t go to a barber for manicure and pedicure although both of these come under the category of grooming, the same applies to lawyers. A barber may know the basics of other grooming essentials but may only be an expert in cutting hair. You can’t simply expect the barber to take care of your other grooming needs. 

The same is true with lawyers. You can not hire a criminal lawyer to sort out the legal issues between your wife and your divorce. The lawyer may be aware of some aspects of divorce law but can not help you with your case. There are various reasons for having different types of lawyers and you must know these before searching “find a lawyer near me”.

Experience Goes a Long Way

Working in one branch of law results in honing each aspect of the law and becoming a master of the profession. You may find that a general lawyer knows a bit about everything but you can’t expect the general lawyer to take up a mergers and acquisition legal case between corporations since the lawyer does not have the right experience. 

A specialized attorney has lived and breathed the law and does every day of his/her life. This person is your best bet to representing you in your case as they know how to deal with certain issues. You will have a greater chance of winning the merger and acquisition corporate legal case with a corporate lawyer than a general lawyer. 

You Have More Chance of Winning

Since specialized lawyers have more experience, they stand a greater probability of winning than non-specialized lawyers. They also know the right people and the right judge to come to terms or negotiate a better deal for you than a general lawyer. Using the right connections for cases is why some people hire the best-specialized lawyers for their cases. They get the job done using all resources available to them. 

Specialized lawyers are more expensive than general lawyers because of the experience and skills they bring to a case. A case also puts a risk on their reputation if they were to end up losing it. This is why you would find a specialized lawyer spending countless hours on one case rather than shifting between cases just like a general lawyer would. This results in a solid case and a greater chance of winning. 

Uses The Right Legal Resources

As mentioned earlier, specialized lawyers spend their time making connections and knowing the right people. This is to help them in winning the cases. You may find that a specialized lawyer knows a judge or two and can negotiate the best deal possible for you. 

Getting inside information for these lawyers is easy and they use it to create the best strategy to move your case forward and conclude it. This allows you to have a greater probability of winning the case. 

What You Should Consider When Hiring A Lawyer

Before you go about searching for a lawyer near me, you need to bear in mind a couple of things. You can not simply hire the first lawyer that comes to your help without considering a few important things. Let’s look at the three things that you should be considering before you hire a lawyer from your recent search of “find a lawyer near me”. 


Many people get into the whole “find a lawyer near me” without considering how much a lawyer may cost them. They go into this whole thing without having a budget in their mind. You can simply use our Lexinter Law Directory to get in touch with any of the shortlisted lawyers and ask them about billing. 

You need to make sure that you understand their billing patterns. So keep asking questions if you are not sure. A lawyer might charge per hour, per week, or even on a case-by-case basis. There is no shame or embarrassment in asking about the billing as you’re buying a service and you need to know how much the service costs before you buy it. It’s better that way as rather than buying the service and when it comes time to pay, you don’t have enough funds. 

Once you’ve discussed the payment options and intervals and have agreed to move forward, write all of this down in writing. This will become a sort of a contract between you and your lawyer. 


Experience is an important factor that you should consider before hiring a lawyer. You might find that a less experienced lawyer can get you out of a parking ticket or a traffic violation but may not be experienced enough to deal with child custody issues or corporate tax fraud. 

Make sure to do all your research on the shortlisted lawyers to get an idea of the options that you have. You may find that some of the lawyers shortlisted are not experienced in dealing with a particular aspect of law and due to that you can simply eliminate the lawyer from your shortlisted list. 

So, how does one start digging for information about the lawyer? Well, with Lexinter Law Directory, you don’t have to worry about all that as our website has all the information you need. You will find a lawyer’s qualification, awards, and list of experiences on our website to help you make an informed decision. 

The Complexity of a Case

We all know that time is money but when it comes to fighting cases, the more time it takes, the more cash you might have to dish out to your attorney. You need to ask the attorney rough estimates on how long the case might take and how much workload they have with them. An attorney with tons of cases might not be able to provide you with immediate help while a general lawyer might not devote enough time to your case as they have more cases lined up. Depending on the complexity of the case, shortlist a lawyer who does not have much on their plate. 

How Long Does It Take To Find The Right Lawyer?

Well, this all depends on the complexity of the case. If your case is too complex, you might find some lawyers stepping back because they might have too much going on to deal with your case as well. 

You might also find that a specialized lawyer might answer all your queries and concerns quicker than a general lawyer might. A general lawyer might ask for a day or two to analyze your case and get back to you. 

Other than that, with Lexinter Law Directory, it does not take long to find the right lawyer as our search feature allows users to search for a specialized lawyer near them. So if you wanted to find a lawyer near me, using Lexinter Law Directory will give you a list of the right lawyers in seconds. 

How Does Lexinter Help Find Lawyers Near Me?

Just like how yellow pages would help people find businesses near them, Lexinter Law Directory and its intuitive website allow users to find the best lawyer for their case. Those worried about how to find a lawyer near me should know that Lexinter is an online database that will not only help you save time in finding the right lawyer but also is highly convenient. 

Users can call lawyers and attorneys from our database to set up an appointment, discuss billing to create a budget for the case, and even talk about the case. The best part about all this is that you can do this online. Unlike yellow pages where you had to skim through the fat yellow book to find what you’re looking for, here you simply use the search feature and have the entire lawyers database at your fingertips. It’s that simple. 

Everyday Lexinter Law Directory adds lawyers to their database giving you a broader selection to choose from. Lawyers from different law firms contact us to have themselves listed on our directory. This gives them access to a broader audience while making it very convenient for users to find a lawyer near them. Simply search a city or the radius mile you are looking for a lawyer and our directory will list all the available lawyers according to your search preferences. 

Lexinter Law Directory helps you find a lawyer by showing you all the details of the attorney from their office address to their expertise, qualification, awards, availability, and other relevant information. All of this is useful in deciding to find the best lawyer for your case. No one does it better than us. 

Lexinter Law Directory is your one-stop solution to finding the best possible lawyer for your case or business. It not only helps you save time but also is convenient, cost-effective, and most importantly understands what you want. Transparency. With all information regarding a lawyer listed on their website, it eliminates the shroud surrounding the details of hiring a lawyer from a law firm. 

How To Find A Lawyer Near Me Using Lexinter.net Law Directory

If you find yourself in a sticky mess and are looking to hire an attorney to help you fight your legal troubles, then you are in the right place. You don’t need to worry about how to find lawyers near me or where you can find a lawyer near me. With access to Lexinter Law Directory finding a lawyer is simple. 

If you’re not familiar with using Lexinter and its intuitive website, you can easily follow the steps laid below to help you find a lawyer near me. 

Step 1

Instead of launching google and searching for “find a lawyer near me”, go on to Lexinter.net. Alternatively, you can google Lexinter Law Directory and open our website. 

Once you’re on the website, we recommend heading to the “about us” page to get a bit of information about our law directory. You don’t have to but it’ll give you a feel of what we are trying to achieve with this law directory. If you feel that this might be a scam, simply visit our office or send us an email with your queries and concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Step 2

Once you’ve entered the website, you will be greeted with a search bar on the homepage. You can’t miss it. The search is divided into three categories and they are the city, type of lawyer, and miles. Simply start filling the search bar with the relevant information. Type in the specialization of the lawyer or simply select it from our drop-down bar, mention the city or simply just write the miles radius you wish to find the lawyer in. Once you’re done, hit submit and the law directory will show you all the available options according to your search preferences. 

Step 3

Once you’ve got the available options in front of you, simply go to each lawyer’s profile and have a quick read. Match their qualifications, experience with your needs, and see if the lawyer is the right fit to handle your case. Shortlist the lawyers that you feel might tackle your case well and start to contact them.

Contacting a lawyer is easy. You can simply click on their phone number to view it or click on the “schedule an appointment” button. You can even view the picture of the lawyer, the firm they represent, and the office address if you want to do a quick background check of your own. 

Step 4

Once you’ve done your background checks and are satisfied with a lawyer, you have a plethora of contact options to choose from. You can opt to send in an email, connect with them on social media, or even call them up. Our website even has a location option allowing you to see where the lawyer’s office is located. 

You will even find a section where you can see whether or not the lawyer is available to take any more cases. You might even find that some lawyers have a video introduction which might help decide on which lawyer to go with. 

Why Should You Choose Lexinter Law Directory Over Other Options?

You might find that there are other options of approaching a lawyer to help you with your case. Some people go directly to the law firm’s office and make an appointment while others google “find a lawyer near me”. However, both of these are time-consuming and there is a better way, Lexinter Law Directory. The directory has a database of lawyers and helps connect troubled individuals with the right legal help they need.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Lexinter Law Directory over the other options mentioned. 

Access to Hundreds of Lawyers

If you’re concerned about where you can find a lawyer near me, Lexinter Law Directory is the answer to get in touch with the best lawyers in the area and the country. The directory is a one-stop solution for those looking to find the best lawyers in the country to help them with their case(s). 

With our legal directory, you don’t have to do any research whatsoever on lawyers as we’ve already done it for you. All our attorneys go through background checks before they are added to our listing of hundreds of attorneys. If you’re looking for criminal lawyers, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for family lawyers, look no further as we have them as well. All types of lawyers can be found on Lexinter Law Directory making it one of the best legal directories you can approach. 

Finding the right lawyer can be exhausting as not everyone can guide you to the right law firm. You need to do the background checks and read reviews before you approach a law firm. However, with Lexinter.net, you get all the information about the lawyer, law firm, qualifications, awards, and more. You even have contact details and can book an appointment. 

Save on Time

If you’re a busy person or need help immediately then you would realize that you can’t afford to spend time searching for a lawyer to help you or your business. Trying to google “find a lawyer near me” will take you time as you would have to check the law firm’s website, reviews of clients, and other relevant information. 

Lexinter Law Directory helps you save on time by giving you all the information you need to know about the lawyers from their location to their qualifications, affiliations, contact details, and even availability. You don’t even need to contact a lawyer to book an appointment. Simply use the “schedule an appointment” button and you’re good to go. 

Avoid Scams

Instead of providing the right legal services, many law firms take advantage of the fact that the common man does not know much about law. In doing so, they devise scams to take money out of their clients as much as possible without focusing much on the case. You would’ve heard such things on the news and this is why we’ve created a platform where users can come and put their trust in our database to help them find the best lawyer for their case. 

You do not have to worry about scams with Lexinter.net as all our lawyers go through a thorough background check before they are added to our listings. Our team double-checks everything further to provide our customers and users the confidence to use our services while putting trust in us. 

Let Lexinter Help You Find A Lawyer Near Me 

Many people fail to realize that it can be too late to hire a lawyer if the damage has been done. This can lead to the case going into courts and can complicate things. Like all wise people say, prevention is better than cure and you should take every measure possible to secure yourself, your family, and your business with a lawyer on hand. 

Do your research on lawyers starting now and shortlist the lawyers you think would be perfect for your business. If you don’t have a business and an average man, it pays off to be in touch with lawyers before any accident occurring or issue stirring up. You don’t need to retain or pay the lawyer but simply give them a call asking about their services and so on. This keeps you in touch with a lawyer and they know that you might be a prospective client hence they will always entertain your concerns. 

Imagine this. You’ve just received a lawsuit and you don’t know what to do. You would spend some time calming down before calling people and asking for advice. They will point you towards hiring a lawyer. You would start your research online to find the best lawyer. This will take more time and can negatively affect your situation. If you had already been in contact with a lawyer, you could simply call them up and retain their services for the case. 

Spending too much time thinking about the case, what reaction to give, finding the right lawyer can be detrimental to your case and some people end up in jail in doing so. Let Lexinter help you find the best lawyer to fight your case before it is too late.