Legal Help in the Aftermath of a Wildfire
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Getting Legal Help In The Aftermath Of A Wildfire

There is no natural element quite as ruthless, unrelenting, or destructive as fire. News about wild forest fires seems to be more common than ever as devastating blazes take hold of areas of natural beauty, destroying both the wildlife and the suburban areas in its wake. From the coldest regions of Siberia to the sunny coasts of the United States, wildfires are burning, growing in severity with each passing year as the global climate crisis intensifies.

Wildfires require only three factors to ignite: dry fuel, air and heat. The dry leaves and vegetation of the forests provide ample field, the dry air and abundance of oxygen supply fans the flames, and the high temperatures caused by global warming start the first sparks. In some cases, a strike of lightning can start a fire – as a result of climate change, lightning strikes are growing in frequency and intensity. However, more than 80 per cent of the wildfires in the US are a result of careless human activities, from things as innocent as a pyrotechnic confetti bomb at a gender reveal party. And the results continue to concern many people, from scientists concerned about the climate to residents of areas where wildfires are prevalent. Based on current trends, global wildfires are expected to rise by 50 per cent by the year 2100, even in more remote areas of the Arctic.

The Wildfires of California

Wildfires of California

2020 was a year of tragedy in many respects. Most predominantly was the spread of the COVID-19 virus, that took the lives of over 6 million people. At the same time, the California wildfire was also spreading relentlessly, becoming one the worst wildfires in all of the history of the US.  It tore through parts of California, Oregon, and Washington state, ultimately culminating in almost 10,000 different fires that burned now more than 4 million acres of land. At one point of the disasters, an area the size of Washington DC was being burned every 24 hours. 33 people lost their lives, 37 people received non-fatal injuries, 10,488 buildings were destroyed, with the ultimate cost of damage coming to 12 billion US dollars, making it the third costliest wildfire on record. Evidently, the damage caused by California wildfires is massive, and 2020 was not a unique year as the wildfires continue to erupt every season. As of November 2022, 7,329 fires have been recorded in that one year alone, taking 9 lives, destroying 772 structures and damaging a further 104. Wildfires are an epidemic, and those people living in these areas of the world where wildfires frequently occur are facing very stressful circumstances and almost overwhelming prospects of recovery.

Are you one of these people?

Legal Help in the Aftermath of a Wildfire

If you have been the victim of a wildfire and have felt the impact in one way or another, what options do you have in regard to compensation? The idea of fighting for your rights and for some kind of pay-out may be daunting, especially after the emotionally harrowing experience you have been through. That’s why many people are looking for professional help from California wildfire attorneys, experts that can take control of your legal situation and help you to get back on your feet after the devastation you have experienced. Legal professionals can help you to fight for what you have lost and gain the compensation you need to rebuild your life again.

In many instances, there was a large corporate entity responsible for igniting a wildfire. If a company fails to maintain its electrical equipment or doesn’t keep a safe distance between power lines and surrounding vegetation, this can be the ignition for a devastating wildfire. When this is the case, the company responsible may be liable for the damage the fire caused and through legal litigation than can be held accountable. Taking on a massive corporation is no easy feat, which is why professional experts are available to help navigate this emotionally charged situation and get the justice that wildfire victims deserve.


While claiming on your insurance would be your first port of call, there will be losses not covered by your insurance company that you need compensation for. This is where compensation attorneys come into play, helping you to get the funding you need that most insurers won’t pay out. What kind of damages may you have suffered that a professional attorney could help you get compensation for? Let’s consider just a few.

Damage to crops and agriculture

The consequences of damaged or destroyed crops are devastating and far reaching. Many farmers don’t insure their crops, and there will be trees and bushes that took years to mature and produce fruit. If these are destroyed, it will take years to regain what was lost and start to make money again.

Damage to native trees and vegetation

A wildfire does more than burn down trees. It threatens the integrity of the whole landscape, causing solid erosion, landslides and mudslides and flooding. To restore these damaged elements and replant the natural vegetation a landowner would need to fork out thousands of dollars.

Damage to structures and personal property

Many victims of wildfires are under the impression that their insurer will cover the damage to their home, but many go on to find that they are underinsured. The replacement of personal possessions often costs a lot more than an insurance provider will pay out.

Aftermath of a Wildfire

Damage to your mental health

The toll of losing your home, moving, spending time rebuilding, and repairing, recovering from the loss of losing family heirlooms, living in hotel rooms, cannot be underestimated. An insurance policy simply won’t cover all these losses. That’s why it’s essential to get professional legal help as soon as you can so that you can begin to recover from the traumatic experience and start to rebuild your life once again.

As devastating as a wildfire may be, the forest quickly steps into action of recovery and plants begin to live and thrive again. The same can be said for you, as a victim of a wildfire, if you get the legal help you need to move forward.

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