Harvard Law School Acceptance Rate
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Harvard Law School Acceptance Rate: The Most Prestigious Law School

If we talk about the Harvard Law School acceptance rate, it is 12%. What this means is that after thousands of students apply for the school, roughly only a thousand will get in and that means you have to excel academically to increase your chances. Let us find out more!

Harvard – a highly selective law school

Harvard Law School is one of Harvard University’s faculties. The school is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and is the oldest continuously operating law school in the USA and is home to the largest academic law library in the world.

Harvard University is one of the most well-known and sought-after universities there are and its Harvard Law School acceptance rate is very selective for the high-ranking law school. Law schools in the United States are generally ranked in tiers from 1 to 4 with tier 1 being the highest ranked. Harvard ranks only behind Yale and Stanford.

Being a highly recognized law school, you must know that the Harvard Law School acceptance rate is 12% and that the school is very selective about who it takes in. What this roughly means is that when the law school receives applications for 2022 and sees that there are approximately 7 500 students applying, it only admits 916 students. This is where the Harvard Law School acceptance rate of 12% comes from.

Complete undergraduate programs with excellent grades

Complete undergraduate programs with excellent grades

To increase your prospects of being accepted to Harvard Law School, students will need to achieve undergraduate courses with top-notch grades and scores on the Law School Admissions Test. Most students applying to Harvard Law School know that this school is looking for the cream of the crop and they will have good grades and scores all around.

Harvard Law School was founded in 1817 and is the oldest law school in the United States. It is also known to have the biggest academic law library in the world. Its faculty includes more than 100 full-time professors. The law school offers more than 260 courses on its curriculum. The law school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities allowing the students to take part in a huge range of activities outside of the classroom.

Being accepted into such a high-ranking law school isn’t simple. What is very important when enrolling in a top law school is your GPA score. Yet even the GPA score, if it is very good, isn’t going to be the only deciding factor. In fact, a student who had high hopes because of a good GPA can still receive notification starting with the all too familiar words ‘ we regret to inform you…’

To be part of the Harvard Law School acceptance rate, students will need to be able to convince the admissions office at the law school why they should be accepted. Certainly, to have ‘Harvard’ on your CV will swing open doors of opportunity for you. Getting accepted to enter Harvard law school is an honor but what is the Harvard Law School acceptance rate in 2021 when it had a 12.9% acceptance rate in 2018/2019 as well as in the years 21/22?

It’s not everyone that can knock at the door of the Harvard Law School and it opens for them. Then again, if you do want to apply, you have to get moving, as many people like you are applying and not everyone is guaranteed a place.

The law school happens to be linked to one of the best, most prestigious universities in the world. Presidents of America have come from Harvard and when they first looked around to see which university to study at, they would also have wondered what the Harvard Law School acceptance rate was and whether they would be able to clinch a spot with them.

What is this all-important Harvard Law School acceptance rate?

It is the rate at which the law school accepts applicants. It’s a percentage of students that the law school will admit for their new classes. A good school such as Harvard Law School gets lots and lots of students applying and then they have to reject students.

All law schools – not only Harvard – receive thousands of applications from students with good qualifications and GPAs. These schools can only accommodate a certain number of students and this means that the law school must filter students by booking them for LSAT exams.

LSAT – one of the tickets needed for Harvard

If you are concerned about the Harvard Law School acceptance rate, you need to take a careful look at the Law School Acceptance Test – the LSAT. You can safely say that this is one of the tickets to get you into the sought-after law school. The test is offered by the Admissions Council and is made up of 100 questions that fall into 5 subsections and there is also an essay that must be written.

Your score for the test will range between 120 to 180. The test isn’t like the regular tests for applying to an undergraduate program. This is a difficult test and will require a lot of preparation.

You will be needing a top score on the LSAT if you desire to have a chance to get into Harvard Law School. The LSAT doesn’t test you on the subject matter – it tests your ability to comprehend written material.

The highest score 180, the lowest 120

The LSAT, which stands for Law School Admission Test, is the usual exam that gives the law school a good idea as to whether the student has an aptitude for law studies. The highest score a student can get on the LSAT is 180, while the lowest score is 120. You need to be able to study intensely enough to get well above 170 for the best odds of being accepted.

The competition to get into selective schools like Harvard Law School is stiff and schools will look at grades but also leadership qualities and extracurricular activities. Diversity also has an impact on who gets accepted.

Because Harvard Law School only offers admission to a small percentage of applicants, the better your LSAT score the better. A good LSAT score with a GPA over 3.75 will make you a competitive, acceptable applicant.

Going to law school to study requires the LSAT – an entrance exam required for admission. Your LSAT score is an important part of law school applications. The higher your score is, the more options you have for attending law school.

As a student of law, you will have to determine how and where you are going to acquire your knowledge so as to maximize your success and to position yourself well for entry into Harvard Law School.

If you want to do well with the LSAT exam, then a good tip is to give special attention to Logical Reasoning. This is because this topic actually makes up half of your score on the LSAT. Most law students know that arguments are the basis of law and analyzing arguments is a major aspect of legal analysis.

The LSAT is more important than GPA, which is the result of many tests and papers. On average, students spend many months preparing for the LSAT, but it could take a year or so to reach the target score.

Start improving certain skills in high school

Start improving certain skills in high school

The question is, what can a young person do to improve their own personal Harvard Law School acceptance rate? If you are sure you want to be a lawyer, and you are still in high school, you can plan to make your Harvard Law School acceptance rate better as acceptance is highly competitive and there are no guarantees.

Preparing early can improve your chances of being a more successful applicant as law schools certainly look for certain skills and you can be improving on these skills while in high schools.

These skills include good written and spoken English, critical thinking skills, good research skills, and community involvement. In high school, you can perhaps pursue extra classes that develop these skills. You can take extra classes as taking more involved, comprehensive courses will assist you in preparing for a high GPA which is an important factor for increasing your chances of getting into law school.

As mentioned, writing and speaking skills are important. In high school, why not consider writing and public speaking courses as communicating skillfully is always going to be important with law. In high school, you can start putting these skills into action by joining the school’s debating and speech team.


Before you start looking at law schools, there are things you can do in high school to improve your Harvard Law School acceptance rate. You can gain some hands-on experience by looking at an internship. Maybe you could be interviewing some parents of your friends who are lawyers? You don’t even need to be a law school grad to work at a law firm as there are local law firms that hire high school students for internships. Working in such a place can boost your law school acceptance rate. University admissions directors like seeing students who have shown interest in law while still at school.

It so happens that the U.S. Department of Justice offers high school students internships to learn about legal careers with the federal government.

Certainly, with a Harvard Law School acceptance rate you want to show how from a young age, you have been taking advantage of opportunities available to you to improve your chances of entering one of the best law schools there is.

Harvard Law School always looks for students who take initiative and who have pursued passions outside the classroom that have shown an interest in the legal field.

When it comes to deciding which law school to attend, there are many factors involved. Ranking, location, and cost are all important factors to take into account. As a student, once you have good scores, you need to look at your Harvard Law School application. You can apply with a GRE score or an LSAT score.

Get your application in early

You will need a resume, and the law school provides examples of a good resume. You will also need 2 or 3 recommendation letters,

Because the Harvard Law School acceptance rate is limited to an extent, you need to get your admission on the go and get your application early when it opens in September as opposed to when it closes in February.

If you are seen as a likely candidate for the law school, you will be interviewed which is a wonderful sign as not every student is interviewed. Also required is a law school personal statement.

A personal statement tells the law school who you are and why you want to go to law school, allowing the admissions officer to learn what your motivation is to attend law school.

Admissions committees have to look at students who have similar stats with their LSAT and GPA score and then they may look more in-depth at the personal statement that can become the deciding factor.

In a personal statement, you can be showing the law school important things about you.

Do you require an undergraduate degree to get into Harvard Law?

Do you require an undergraduate degree to get into Harvard Law

No, the school doesn’t require certain undergraduate degree programs. In terms of the Harvard Law School acceptance rate, the law school takes in students from many different undergraduate degree programs.

Harvard Law School favors that students have a broad, quality college education. They need to ensure that you’ve been thoroughly educated in the likes of history, science, mathematics, government, philosophy, economics, and others.

If you know that you want to attend Harvard Law School, the idea is to start preparing for your undergraduate career as soon as possible.

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