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How to Choose the Right Drunk Driving Lawyers for Your Case

With over 1.35 million lawyers currently practicing in the United States, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide who to hire for your case. First, you have to narrow down the list to people who specialize in your area of need, such as a drunk driving lawyer. But, even then, there are likely dozens of local options you need to search through before making your decision.

You’ve come to the right place for guidance. Keep reading to learn tips on how to choose between drunk driving lawyers so you have the best possible chance of winning your case.

Put Together a List of Potential Lawyers

owi vs dui

The easiest way to begin narrowing your search is to turn to the internet. Do a quick search for “criminal defense lawyer near me” and click to view the sites for a few of the top hits. If their website doesn’t mention anything about helping with DUI charges, then you can close it out immediately. If the site has options for hiring a DUI attorney, add it to your list of prospects.

Aside from using the internet, you can talk to your personal network. Do you know someone who previously needed a drunk driving lawyer? If so, they can give you more insight into what the process is like and whether they would recommend the attorney they used for their case.

Finally, if you’ve worked with a lawyer in the past, even on a completely unrelated matter, you can ask them for recommendations. Lawyers usually have a network of colleagues in other practice areas and they might know someone who specializes in DUI cases.

Research Their Experience

Now that you have your list in hand, it’s time to narrow down your options even more. Take some time to review each potential attorney’s qualifications to help you make the best decision for your case. Most importantly, you want to look for a lawyer that has plenty of experience with DUI cases.

By doing so, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re hiring someone familiar with the state law regarding DUIs, so they’ll know exactly what to expect during your case. While you can hire any lawyer you want, it’s best to choose a local lawyer since they’ll also be more familiar with local courts and judges.

Read Reviews

Now is also a good time to read through the reviews of the lawyers on your shortlist. Check their websites for customer testimonials, then head to their Google listings and/or social media pages. There, you’ll be able to read through reviews from people who were in a situation very similar to yours.

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This will give you an unbiased review of what you might be able to expect if you hire the same lawyer for your case. Be sure to read through both positive and negative reviews to get the most accurate view of a particular attorney. If you’re concerned about negative reviews, check to see if the attorney or firm responded, as it may give you more insight.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations

By this point, you should have your list narrowed down to three or four options. Now is the perfect time to schedule a free consultation with the firm, either in person or over the phone. During the consultation, make sure to present any documents you have relating to the case, such as the police report.

You should also use this time to tell the attorney all the facts of your case, being upfront and honest about everything. The more details you can give, the more they’ll be able to give you accurate advice on how to move forward.

It’s also a good idea to bring a notebook and pen so you can jot down information during your consultation. You can use your notes from each consult to help you make your final decision on who to hire.

While you’re there to get information, you can also pay attention to a few “intangibles” during your meeting. For example, you can determine the following:

  • How comfortable you feel talking to the attorney
  • Whether the attorney has good communication skills
  • Whether you have a good rapport with the attorney
  • The lawyer’s level of confidence in a successful outcome for your case

Know the Right Questions to Ask

During your consultation, it helps to be prepared with a list of questions you can ask to aid you in making your final decision. We recommend asking the following questions at a minimum:

  • What are the potential penalties for a DUI in this state?
  • How long will the charge stay on my record?
  • Will I be required to appear in court?
  • What’s your track record with cases like mine?
  • What outcome do you expect based on the specifics of my case?
  • How does your fee structure work?
  • Will I have a dedicated lawyer for my case or the help of a team?

Be sure to ask the same questions to all of the lawyers you meet with, so you can make a more accurate comparison.

Compare Fees

Finally, before you make your decision, you’ll want to compare how much it will cost you. Typically, lawyers charge fees in one of two ways. They either charge you on a contingency fee basis, depending on the outcome of your case or they have an hourly rate/retainer fee.

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Some DUI lawyers offer payment plans to help make their services more affordable. Choose a lawyer that seems well-equipped to handle your case and offers rates you can afford.

Choosing Between Drunk Driving Lawyers

After reading this guide, you’re prepared to research drunk driving lawyers and narrow down your search to the best possible option for your case. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better, so don’t hesitate to put these tips to use.

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