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How To Write A Law School Personal Statement

Are you among those ambitious students who desire to become members of an impressive law school and join a noble cause? The knowledge of the law isn’t related just to the question of legal proficiency; you also need to have excellent writing skills. Are you interested in learning how to write a law school personal statement? This list will offer you some tips that can come in handy.

Basics of writing a personal statement for law school

personal statement for law school

If you’ve never written a personal statement before, you might not know what makes it so important and compelling at the same time. Personal statements are the papers applicants complete and send to the schools they’re interested in. What are the main features of a great personal statement for law school?

  • Individual story. With personal statements, you don’t write boring, formal lists of your credentials that are important in other types of writing. When creating such texts, the best thing to do is to create a piece that tells about how you became the person you are today. Think creatively.
  • Relating personal experiences to the law field. Regardless of the story you describe, link it to your purpose of entering law school. Highlight your experience and associate it with your goal of becoming a law professional.
  • Semi-formal language. Unlike some more official texts expected of law students, personal statements require people to focus more on the emotional appeal, which usually allows for greater freedom.

Reasons to write a good personal statement for law school

Some people believe they don’t need to write a good law school personal statement to get accepted into a particular college or university. Indeed, your GPA and other factors matter a lot. But a personal statement helps distinguish you from many applicants who may have similar academic results. It shows what type of a person you are and why you deserve that place in a law school. Some individuals prefer to ask for assistance from a personal statement writing service, while others want to do that alone, and both options are fine. Many learners have relatively equal great results that make them desirable for different schools. So, what should you do? The best course of action is to write a personal statement that makes people remember you. It’s the closest you get to a key to your life that you can offer to a committee that will review your work.

Even if you’re not a fan of writing compelling pieces and like to work with numbers rather than words, you’d still need to write a personal statement, which can be a bad and a good thing, depending on your attitude to it. Because it’s a reflection of who you are, it’s better to take this type of assignment seriously. By putting yourself in the spotlight, you illustrate not just what results you have but how you communicate, form thoughts, relate to other individuals, and behave as a potential learner.

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Get help with writing a law school personal statement

If you’re overwhelmed with the thoughts of how to create a compelling personal statement without any prior experience, you may want to consider CustomWritings personal statement writing service online. It can be a problem for many college students to know what makes a well-written personal statement. With such services, you can get an original example of such a work from an expert of your choice. Invest in your professional future: companies specializing in supporting learners who strive to become high-class employees can show you how to get the best academic solutions to most problems. Learning law shouldn’t be difficult: it’s all a matter of whom to ask for help.

How to write a law school personal statement: A step-by-step guide

Now that you’ve learned the basics, you may have decided to consider how to write a good personal statement for law school. Indeed, you might need a great deal of preparation to complete a well-developed personal statement. Going from theory to practice is challenging, and you may want additional instructions on how to start doing it.

  1. Brainstorm the ideas. Most of the time, people claim that the key issue they encounter when creating a good personal statement is related to the lack of ideas. Before writing a law school personal statement, consider all the things that you’re proud of. If you’re feeling shy and think that there’s nothing to be proud of, go for a different route and think about the time when you first decided that law school was exactly the choice for you. It can’t be that difficult: after all, everyone is motivated by something. And this “something” is related to only your personality. So be ready and write down every idea, regardless of how strange it may sound to you.
  2. Find the underlying thread. After that initial stage, the best thing to do is to transfer all your scrambled ideas onto the paper (or a document file) and look at what’s the connecting thing for all of them. When you discard the unnecessary stuff, you can see that some ideas often intersect: maybe you’ve always wanted to be a fair person and protect the people against the big and dishonest world. Or maybe, your past shaped you into the person you are today. It will be the main basis for your personal statement.
  3. Start working on a structure. In any essay type, you’ll need to create a particular format for a paper. In a personal statement, you don’t necessarily have to create a text that includes a thesis statement and a formal conclusion, but it should be divided into introductory and body paragraphs and a conclusion. Find a sample for better reference. Think about the ways in which you can make your introduction appealing to a reader. After that, collect all the thoughts about your motivations and your personal story and transform them into the paragraphs where each corresponds to a particular topic. Make an outline.
  4. Complete and revise. After you’ve written your text based on the outline, think a little about something else. Don’t worry about your first draft too much. Find a different task for yourself or have some rest and return to your assignment later. Reread only after that and make the adjustments.

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Writing personal statements for law school is easier than you think

We hope you don’t feel exhausted or terrified by the idea of the work you should do to achieve the desired results. Personal statement is a great piece of text that can change how others see you, and it’s great to use it to your benefit. Try to think about the entire process as an adventure. You can present yourself in a way that no one has ever thought of, and it’ll be the time for you to shine. Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate: you deserve to get that place at a law school. You’ve been dreaming about it for a long time, haven’t you? So take your pen or a laptop, start from the blank page, and imagine yourself like a character in a movie. What would you write about them? What are the things that made them the best candidate for a complex law school position? We’re sure you know the answer. So good luck with that.

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