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Importance Of A Student Visa Lawyer

Need a student visa to study abroad but are unsure whether you should hire a student visa lawyer? Are you confused about whether an F1 visa attorney is similar to a student visa attorney?

There are uncountable perks of studying abroad, but there are multiple problems too, which can be challenging to deal with. Student visa lawyers have expertise in their respective domains to rescue and solve the legal challenges associated with student visas.

In addition, dealing with global problems is not a piece of cake; hence, instead of looking for ways to solve the issues yourself, hiring a student visa lawyer who can cater to your case and get the best possible solution is highly recommended.

There are different types of issues students face when studying abroad. For many, getting a visa or renewing one can be complicated. Due to visa issues, the students are often deported back to their home country.

Your lawyer can convince the immigration department to rule in your favor. If you are facing any issues regarding your visa renewal, your lawyer can coordinate on your behalf with the relevant embassy to ensure your visa renewal.

This article will answer the question “what is F1 visa” and whether or not you need an attorney for it.

Let’s start with “what is F1 visa”.

What Is F1 visa?

What Is F1 visa

The United States of America offers the F visa series to non-immigrant students. This visa series is specifically for students and helps them to study or pursue their higher education in the United States. However, the F1 students are also directed to maintain and follow an entire course of study under this visa regulation.

In addition, the students must ensure that they can sustain themselves throughout their studies in the United States. For this purpose, they have to show proof of funds and other necessary documentation. Moreover, there are limited, minimal, or no chances of employment associated with the F1 Visa.

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To apply for the F1 Visa, students can begin by filling out applications at different schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. In addition to this, during the process, you should ensure that you obtain an I-20 form to get your F1 visa.

You can also get your F1 visa to complete your secondary education in the United States, meaning you can study classes 9 to 12 in the US. However, the school you apply for must be SEVP certified, which can be a public or private school.

F1 Visa Renewal Process

online visa renewal

If you move to the United States for your secondary or higher studies and your visa expires, you will surely need to renew your visa. For this purpose, you will need the correct information for the visa renewal. In addition, you can also hire a student visa lawyer who can do the needful on your behalf and rectify the process.

You have to begin by submitting your online application for visa renewal. For this purpose, you have to fill out the DS-160 form and will have to print the confirmation. Next, you will have to schedule an appointment with the embassy or the consulate for your visa interview and then prepare all the documents you initially submitted with the F1 form.

Next, you must pay the F1 visa renewal application fee and ensure you keep your receipt safe. The embassy will then conduct your final interview for the F1 Visa.

You cannot travel to the United States until your application is approved. In case you do, you will have to return. But don’t worry, you can apply for your F1 visa from another country apart from your home country. However, it’s much easier to apply from your home country.

In addition, the approximate validity of your student visa is one year, and after one year, you will have to get it renewed again. Moreover, renewal is only applicable before the visa expires if you wish to re-enter your country.

It usually takes around 60 to 90 days for your visa renewal process.

What Does An F1 Visa Attorney Do?

F1 Visa Attorney

The F1 visa attorney and student visa lawyer are more or less similar. There are many law firms to aid students in their visa process. Some reputable law firms have great attorneys with significant expertise in handling student visa applications for the United States.

During the process, the students often make multiple blunders with their documents or processing, but if you hire an F1 visa attorney, you won’t run into any hiccups.

In addition, there are many benefits of hiring the F1 visa attorney specifically, especially navigating through the complex process. If you receive a rejection, your attorney can help file an appeal.

Should You Hire A Student Visa Lawyer?

Should You Hire A Student Visa Lawyer

A student visa attorney is a person who has a broader domain and understands immigration laws pertaining to students wishing to study anywhere in the world.

Student visa attorneys provide guidance and counseling sessions to students who intend to apply to the United States or any other country for their higher studies. They help determine which visa is best suited for clients considering the home city they belong to, the purpose of their visit, and the student’s plans.

Before applying for the F1 Visa, it is best to consult with a visa attorney. Sitting and discussing with the attorney will help you explore your options before you move out of your home country for higher education.

If you’ve faced a visa rejection, a student visa lawyer can review visa denial reasons, file an appeal, and support your case with the necessary documentation/facts. Filing a request yourself can increase the risk of another visa rejection, wasting your time and energy.

Hiring a student visa lawyer or a for your F1 Visa application or your F1 visa renewal process is recommended. The attorneys have better knowledge, and there are minimal chances of your visa getting rejected. Moreover, a student visa lawyer can prepare you for the interview at the embassy to increase your chances of securing a student visa.

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