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5 Important Reasons for Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Each year, millions of Americans file for divorce. The United States has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, with up to 50% of marriages ending in divorce. Subsequent marriages also have higher divorce rates than first marriages. As such, if you are considering divorce, you are not alone. However, if you file for divorce, you must know there are five important reasons to hire a divorce lawyer.

Top 5 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Should you be hiring a divorce lawyer

1. Money is at Stake

Statistics show that California is the most expensive state to get a divorce. The costs related to a divorce include court filing fees and attorney costs. When two people divorce, there are often many arguments about how marital property, assets, and finances are to be split. It is important to have an experienced counsel by your side so you get your fair share of what you are entitled to.

Common financial issues related to divorce include the division of property, alimony, and debt distribution. A divorcing couple must split assets according to state law unless there is a premarital agreement. All assets, finances, and debt acquired during the marriage must be divided equally. As divorce law is complex, a person needs to hire a family law attorney to protect their economic interests.

2. Child Custody Issues

Divorces involving children are much more complicated than divorces without marital children. Divorces involving children must deal with child custody and child support issues. Oftentimes, these cases can be emotional as they involve more than just two people but a whole family. Hiring a family law attorney can be especially crucial for fairly resolving child issues.

What to talk to a divorce lawyer about

3. Divorce Law is Complicated

Divorce law is complex and complicated. A layperson can be at a serious disadvantage representing themselves in a divorce case. A knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer can make a huge difference, especially in divorces involving child custody or financial disputes. You should not risk your case by doing it solo.

4. You Don’t Have to Be in Contact with Your Ex

Some divorces are more contentious than others. While some divorcing couples are still amicable, other couples’ relationships can be so ugly that there is constant mudslinging and arguing. Some divorce cases even involve allegations of domestic violence and abuse. Having an attorney can help keep the case civil.  If your relationship with your ex is bad, seriously consider hiring an attorney to work on your behalf so you do not have to deal with them.

What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

5. A Divorce Attorney Will Eliminate Stress

Divorces can be highly sensitive, emotional, and stressful. You can eliminate some of the weight on your shoulders by hiring a divorce attorney. Getting a case ready takes a lot of time and resources. If you are like most people going through a divorce, you want the quickest and fairest resolution while taking care of your family. A divorce attorney will take on the hard work so you can focus on your own sanity. For more information on hiring the right attorney, contact a top-rated Orange County divorce lawyer today.

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