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Article L121-18
(Ordinance n ° 2001-741 of August 23, 2001 art. 5 and art. 9 Official Journal of August 25, 2001)

Without prejudice to the information provided for in Articles L. 111-1 and L. 113-3 as well as that provided for the application of Article L. 214-1 , the contract offer must include the following information:
1 ° The name of the seller of the product or of the service provider, its telephone number, its address or, in the case of a legal person, its registered office and, if it is different, the address of the institution responsible for the offer;
2 ° Where applicable, delivery costs;
3 ° The terms of payment, delivery or performance;
4 ° The existence of a right of withdrawal, except in cases where the provisions of this section exclude the exercise of this right;
5 ° The duration of the validity of the offer and the price thereof;
6 ° The cost of using the remote communication technique used when it is not calculated by reference to the basic tariff;
7 ° Where applicable, the minimum duration of the proposed contract, when it relates to the continuous or periodic supply of goods or services.
This information, the commercial nature of which must appear unequivocal, is communicated to the consumer in a clear and understandable manner, by any means appropriate to the remote communication technique used.
In the event of canvassing by telephone or by any other comparable technique, the professional must explicitly indicate at the start of the conversation his identity and the commercial nature of the call.

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