Terms of sales
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The general conditions of sale are documents prepared by the seller and defining the conditions of sale that he intends to have accepted by the buyer. They are part of the contractual mechanisms which transform the contract into a membership contract .

The general conditions of sale as defined by distribution law in terms of transparency concerning invoicing ( article L 41-6 ) consist of:

  • the conditions of sale ,
  • the unit price scale ,
  • price reductions,
  • payment terms.
  1. Mandatory communication of the general conditions of sale

Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, July 10, 1996, GAEC de S v Société I,     Delebecque, Philippe ,        Collection Dalloz Sirey   , n °         22   ,             05/06/1997   , pp.             173-173

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Information on the limitations of liability and the special conditions of sale ( article L 113-3 of the Consumer Code )

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