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Hardware or software contracts

– The equipment supply contract (Sale and rental of equipment) – The software contract (Qualification – Obligations of the parties) – The IT contractor contract – (Turnkey contractor and co-contractor)

– IT distribution contracts (Commercial networks – Trade intermediaries) 

Service contracts

IT service contracts (Maintenance – Training – Audit – Monitoring – Specialty subcontracting and custom processing – Rental contracts (and related) (Outsourcing – Remote colocation of system or software – Use of a data)

Drafting of the contract

Obligations of the parties

– Customer’s obligations 

-Obligations of the service provider

Identification by the IP address of the computer

”  The Rentabiliweb company was aware of the IP numbers of the Hi-media company, but on the other hand, it does not specify how it was able to identify the Hi-media company as the holder, and does not provide any detailed information allowing to retain the Hi-media company as the author of an intervention aimed at removing the listing of the Rentabiliweb company on the Wikipedia and Boku sites, the only mention of an IP address corresponding to a computer of the Hi company – media on unauthenticated documents, being insufficient to demonstrate the reality of the alleged facts. “

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