Internet law
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Internet contracts

 Provision of access (ISP Internet access provision contract)

  Accommodation (Accommodation contract) 


– “Online” sales and electronic commerce 

– References 

– Affiliation contracts

– The creation of a site 

-The contract for the creation and development of a site

– Contract to create a domain name

Law of August 1, 2006

Criminal provisions of the law of August 1, 2006

Decree of 23 December 2006 on the penal repression of certain infringements of copyright and neighboring rights

Decree of April 7, 2007 relating to the regulatory authority for technical measures instituted by article L 331-17 of the C¨PI

R 335-3 and R 335-4

legal protection of protection or information measures

Suppression of illegal downloads on “peer to peer” networks with criminal penalties.

Internet access and social law

The repeated use of the company’s internet access to visit prohibited sites constitutes serious misconduct ( Cass. Soc. March 6, 2007)

Internet access and freedom of communication and expression

In its decision on Hadopi 2 ( decision n ° 2009-580 DC ,) the Constitutional Council affirmed that the  freedom of communication and expression implies today, given the generalized development of the Internet and its importance for the participation democratic life and the expression of ideas and opinions, the freedom to access these online communication services to the public.




LAW No. 2010-476 of May 12, 2010 on the opening up to competition and regulation of the online gambling sector

The law of May 12, 2010 states in its article 1 that ” Games of money and chance are neither an ordinary business, nor an ordinary service; in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity, they are subject to a framework. strict with regard to the issues of public order, public security and the protection of health and minors

In article 2 it thus defines the game of chance ”

“Is a game of chance a game where the chance prevails over the skill and the combinations of the intelligence to obtain the gain. ”

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