Right To Repent
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Right To Repent

The right to repent is based on a right of withdrawal which leaves the contractor a period of time to revoke the consent he has given. The contract has been signed but in cases where there is a right of repentance, a withdrawal period allows the cancellation of the engagement for a period running from a starting point fixed by the legislator.

The right to repent retroactively cancels the contract, unlike the cooling-off period which suspends it.

Duration of delay Starting point of the deadline Form of withdrawal
Consumer credit Withdrawal period: 7 days signature of the preliminary offerEXCEPT early delivery requested by the customer:
– the 3rd day if delivery occurs within 3 days of signing the purchase contract,
– the day of delivery if it occurs between the 4th and 7th day following signature of the purchase contract 
Return of the detachable form to the lender within 7 days, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt
Doorstep canvassing Withdrawal period: 7 days signing of the order contract or purchase commitment.
No payment can be demanded during this period . 
Return by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, on time, of the detachable form COMPULSORY attached to the contract.
Distance sales (Internet. Tele-Purchasing, Minitel, Audiotel, etc.) Withdrawal period: 7 days delivery of the order. Return, during the period , of the product for exchange or refund without penalty, with the exception of return costs.
Life insurance Withdrawal period: 30 days First payment By registered letter with AR.
Reimbursement, within one month, of the entire premium paid on subscription
Marriage agencies /
Marriage brokerage
Withdrawal period: 7 days signature of the contract
No payment  can be required during this period
By registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
Distance Learning Withdrawal period 3 months, with compensatory indemnity.this withdrawal period follows a  reflection period receipt of the draft contract or study plan, By registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
 Construction and acquisition of housing for residential use (cash or credit) Withdrawal period: 7 days the day after receipt of the deed for the acquisition or construction of the building for residential use (the deed must have been sent to the purchaser by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt). By registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
  Time-sharing contracts for the use of real estate Withdrawal period: 10 days(This period follows a reflection period ) sending by the consumer to the professional of the accepted offer.
NO PAYMENT OR PAYMENT OF COMMITMENT for any purpose or in any form whatsoever may take place during this period of withdrawal 
By registered letter or against receiptBy registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
Article 1110-2 of the preliminary draft reform of the law of obligationsThe repentance period is that until the expiration of which the recipient of the offer is allowed to withdraw his consent to the contract at his own discretion.
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