Market Law
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Market Law

Market functioning rules, regulation and regulation

The operating rules of the markets are intended to ensure the security and transparency of transactions on the markets.

The competition law is a fundamental element of the procurement law. Its purpose is to eliminate in particular

 practices ( article L 420-1 of the Commercial Code) which have as their object or may have the effect of preventing, restricting or distorting the play of competition on a market , concerted actions, agreements, express or tacit agreements or coalitions, in particular when they tend to:
1 °  Limit market access or the free exercise of competition by other companies;
2 °  To obstruct the fixing of prices by the free play of the market by artificially favoring their rise or fall;
3 ° Limit or control production, outlets, investments or technical progress;
4º Distribute markets or sources of supply.

the abuse by a company or group of companies of a dominant position in the domestic market or a substantial part of it [ abuse of dominance ] ( Article L 420-2-al1 )

as soon as it is likely to affect the functioning or structure of competition , the abusive exploitation by a company or a group of companies of the state of economic dependence in which a client company finds itself in relation to it or supplier ( article L 420-2-al2 )


They are accompanied by rules concerning market operators.

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