Sports law
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The legislator has given the Government, through the legislator, the authorization to codify sports law by ordinance (article 84 of law n ° 2004-1343 of December 9, 2004 on simplification of the law).

The texts governing sport were divided between  
3 fundamental supports:

  • the public health code (fight against doping and medical monitoring of the athlete), the education code (teaching of physical and sporting activities (APS) against remuneration and establishments of physical and sporting activities (EAPS) and the law n ° 84-610 of July 16, 1984 as amended relating to the organization and promotion of APS;
  • numerous codes with regard to the legislative part (construction and housing, environment, defense, tourism, civil aviation, …);
  • many official journals, for regulatory texts, in particular, which had not been codified to date.

Codification results in the regrouping of all the laws and decrees applicable to the field of sport in a single text.

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