Joint Ventures
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Joint Ventures

The term joint venture is the expression in English designating a specific joint project for which several companies have joined together. It is generally a technological and industrial alliance to pool the expertise of the partners of the joint venture for the realization of an industrial project   or infrastructure projects.

The ” joint venture ” can be contractual, and the parties can seek in the contract to exclude any joint and several liability by providing that it is not an association of a corporate nature.

It can have an institutional character with the creation of a legal person.



Joint ventures

The French equivalent of ” joint venture ” is the joint venture


Cooperation contracts between companies

The joint ventures can take the form of a contractual cooperation or cooperation can be structured with the creation of a corporation

Joint ventures: consortium contracts 

The joint ventures can be organized according to the form of a consortium contract which often pose the question of the nature of the consortium.

Temporary groupings between companies

The temporary grouping is a form of cooperation between companies typical in particular of Belgian law.

Industrial installation supply contracts

Engineering and turnkey 

Joint research contracts

Joint research is often the subject of joint venture contracts

Syndicated contracts

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