Work Relationship
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Work Relationship


The existence of an employment relationship is based on the existence of a relationship of subordination .

The employment relationship is governed by legal labor regulations and by conventional regulations resulting from the individual contract, the employment contract  and collective agreements and collective agreements . The combined rules of the legal regulations and conventional regulation set hours of work, with working hours , the labor compensation , and working conditions

The termination of the employment relationship is made at the initiative of the employee by resignation or at the initiative of the employer by dismissal within the framework of legal regulations. It can also be effected by amicable termination.

The employment relationship can give rise to individual conflicts, which are settled by the industrial tribunal , or collective labor, the strike .

Within the framework of the employment relationship, the employer’s liability may be incurred for accidents at work . Employees benefit from social security .



Labor law is attached to the concept of the employment relationship. The old legislative part of the labor code opposed the conventional aspect of the employment relationship to the regulatory aspect. In the conventional aspect were grouped the employment contract on the one hand and collective agreements and agreements on the other. The new labor code opposes the individual relationship to the collective relationship.


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