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Anyone who is not a party to a legal relationship . The third party can be totally foreign to the legal relationship , where he can intervene in a three-person legal relationship. The third party acts as a person independent of the parties. This is for example the third depositary in connection with the formation of a well in pledge to the Trustee , for the receiver , etc.

Contract law

Third party: Person who is not a party  to the contract and who has not been represented therein.

In contractual matters, the notion of third party limits the effect of contracts because of the principle of the relative effect of contracts .

The stipulation for others will create rights for the third party beneficiary.

Civil Procedure

Third party: Person who is not a party  to the trial . A third party is a person who has not appeared in the proceedings, neither as a plaintiff, nor as a defendant , nor as a third-party intervenor or who has not been implicated.

The notion of third party limits the effect of judgments according to the limits of res judicata.


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