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Life and activities

A person’s life is the sum of his activities. A distinction is made between private and personal life and professional life.

Private life

Sphere of life to be respected

Article 9 of the Civil Code provides that everyone has the right to respect for their private life

case law on privacy

Breaches of privacy are sanctioned by articles 226-1 et s. of the Penal Code

privacy and proof


Labor law

Personal life

A broader concept than private life, defined in opposition to professional life, part of life that normally escapes the eyes of the employer who must respect the personal life of the employee, who also has the right to respect for his private life at job

case law on personal and professional life


Family life

Right to lead a normal family life: GISTI judgment

 Life of others

article 223 -1 of the penal code endangering the life of others

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