Special Contracts Contractual Freedom
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Special Contracts Contractual Freedom

Cass. com. December 18, 2007, Cass. com. January 15, 2008 obs Mustapha Mekki; JCPG 2008.I.136

Indivisibility of a contractual whole

DECISION (S) COMMENTARY (S): Court of Appeal of Paris, 16 th Chamber, Section B, 6 April 2001, SARL Eurocession against SARL assistance and business management

AUTHOR (S):                                                

REFERENCE: The Small Posters, n ° 96, May 14, 2002, pp. 14-14                                             

KEYWORDS: Contract law, training, transfer of a Minitel service, transfer of business assets, omission of turnover and commercial profits for the last three years                                             

The first judges were right, after noting that the disputed agreement did not relate to all of the activity carried out and that in reality the sale concerned only one asset, considered that the agreement was not subject to the provisions relating to the transfer of business assets.

REVIEWED DECISION (S): Cour de cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, May 24, 2000, Société d’Équipement de la Touraine v Société Bull; Cour de cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, May 28, 1997, Société Nasa v Société Solobat; Cour de cassation, commercial chamber, October 30, 2000, ML and others against Ms. S.

AUTHOR (S): Martin, Didier R.                                                

REFERENCE: The Small Posters, n ° 64, March 29, 2002, pp. 16-19                                             

KEYWORDS: Law of obligations, article 1134 of the Civil Code, unilateral promise, condition precedent, commercial lease, agreement on the thing and the rent, sale of ship, withdrawal, payment of part of the price, implicit waiver                                             

The prefectural authorization to operate a classified installation, a condition precedent to acceptance of the promise to sell, having been canceled, it is deemed never to have occurred. (1 st species)

The promise to lease is equivalent to a lease when there is agreement on the thing and on the price. The Court of Appeal, which did not identify any circumstances capable of demonstrating that the parties had made the reiteration by notarial deed an element constituting their consent, violated articles 1134 and 1714 of the Civil Code. ( 2nd species)

The Court of Appeal held that the sale of the vessel was valid provided that one of the parties had not used its right of withdrawal and that the buyers had implicitly waived it by paying the sellers part of the price of the vessel. . (3 rd case)

DECISION: Cour de Cassation, com. January 8, 2002

AUTHOR (S): E.Chevrier                                                

REFERENCE: Le Dalloz, n ° 6, February 7, 2002, Business Law Book, Jurisprudence pp. 567                                              

KEY WORDS: Competition Distribution                                             

The Court ruled on the unfair nature of the termination of a contract under which the company Galeries Lafayette grants a merchant a space in one of its stores and receives a percentage of the cost price of sales made. The Court rejects the plea which maintains that the one month notice had made it impossible for him to sell the stock, since the co-contracting company did not warn him when he was placing the orders. The trial judges, having noted by a sovereign assessment of the facts, that the trader had had a notice period of six months for a fixed-term contract whose execution period had been, before notification of its termination , of a year,

REVIEWED DECISION (S) :            Cour de cassation, commercial chamber, June 6, 2001, GIE Elis v Société Charpentier Armen; Cour de cassation, commercial chamber, May 9, 2001, Société Cyrnos de CV v Société Mumm; Douai Court of Appeal, 2 nd chamber, 21 November 2000, Société Van der Meulen Allum BV v Société TWF

AUTHOR (S):                         Mestre, Jacques; Fages, Bertrand

REFERENCE:                                  Quarterly Review of Civil Law (RTD civ), n ° 3, July – September 2001, pp. 587 – 589

KEY WORDS:                                   Termination, formalism

If the need for notice of termination has emerged as an unavoidable formality, its formalism is not however exclusive of a certain flexibility.

REVIEWED DECISION (S):            Cour de cassation, commercial chamber, June 27, 2000

AUTHOR (S):                         Mestre, Jacques; Fages, Bertrand

REFERENCE:                                  Quarterly Review of Civil Law (RTD civ), n ° 3, July – September 2001, pp. 582 – 583

KEY WORDS:                                 Authentic deed, private deed

 The authentic instrument which reiterates a sale is exempt from formal defects affecting the private deed.

REVIEWED DECISION (S):             Court of Cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, May 4, 2000, Ponticaccia v Ignobili

AUTHOR (S):                                                             Mathieu-Izorche, Marie-Laure

REFERENCE:                                                          Le Dalloz, n ° 39, November 8, 2001, pp. 3154-3155

KEY WORDS:                                                          Loan for use, articles 1888 and 1889 of the Civil Code, term, indefinite duration, urgent and unforeseen need, interests of the parties

An owner had made his building available and, wishing to sell it, sued the occupant for eviction and payment of occupancy compensation. To accommodate this request, the Court of Appeal wrongly held that the relations between the parties, who did not maintain that rent had been requested, were organized by the rules of the loan for use and that in the absence term of the contract, the owner has the right to terminate it unilaterally, without investigating whether the need of the occupant for whom the building was given to him as a commodat, has ceased or if the owner had an urgent and unforeseen need to his house.

REVIEWED DECISION (S):                Cour de cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, June 27, 2001, Société SMABTP against Epoux Suire

AUTHOR (S) : Weber, Jean-François (Conclusions); Karila, Jean-Pierre

REFERENCE : Le Dalloz, n ° 37, October 25, 2001, pp. 2995-3000

KEYWORDS: Company contract    

The builder, notwithstanding the ten-year foreclosure, is except fault external to the contract, contractually bound with regard to the owner of the work of his fraudulent fault, when deliberately even without intention to harm, he violates by concealment or by fraud his contractual obligations.

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, 3 rd Civil Chamber, November 8, 2000, Lavenne v CRCAM Sud-Méditerranée

AUTHOR (S)            Chartier, Yves

Reference            JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition)  , n °            1  ,            03/01/2001  , pp. 31-33,     Case law II 10450; Conclusions of Jean-François Weber

KEYWORDS            Real estate company (SCI), liability, tort nature, recovery of a debt of the company, creditor, partners, articles 1857 and 1858 of the Civil Code, current account credit, counterclaim, fault, article 1382 of the Civil Code , contractual relations, article 1165 of the civil code, legal personality, absence of contractual links, tort action

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, 1 st Civil Chamber, March 30, 1999, judgment 97-13.047 number 683 P + B, Compagnie générale des eaux against Albou

AUTHOR (S)            Ammar, Daniel

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        28  ,            20/07/2000  , pp.             596-598

KEYWORDS            Contract, obligation, proof, water supply, invoice, high amount

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, 1 st Civil Chamber, December 1, 1999, Powell v Société France Telecom, Juris-Data number 004182

AUTHOR (S)            Labarthe, Françoise

Reference            JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition)  , n °            29  ,            19/07/2000  , pp. 1190-1191

KEYWORDS            Contracts and obligations, performance, telephone subscription contract, exception of non-performance, enforceability, proof of the customer’s commitment, Post and Telecommunications

REVIEWED DECISION (S):                Cour de cassation, 3 rd civil chamber, February 15, 2000, Husband Auvray versus Husband Renard

AUTHOR (S): Gallmeister, Inès     

REFERENCE: Small posters, n ° 198, October 4, 2001, pp. 15-20

KEY WORDS: Law of obligations 

The disputed clause, previously qualified as a withdrawal clause, cannot be excluded if the bad faith of the party invoking it has not been established.

  REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, December 14, 1999, Veuve Ziliotto v Veuve Reuter

AUTHOR (S)            Chevrier, Éric

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        6  ,            10/02/2000  , pp.             79-80

Business law book; Case law news

KEYWORDS            France, contract and obligations, exclusive supply, EEC regulation of 22 June 1983, beer contract, duration

APPEALED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, October 13, 1998, Tocqueville v Clinique des Ormeaux

AUTHOR (S)            Jamin, Christophe

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        14  ,      08/04/1999  , pp.    197-201

AUTHOR (S)            Delebecque, Philippe

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        13  ,   04/01/1999  , pp.    115, Commented summary

KEYWORDS           Contract and obligations, unilateral termination, co-contracting party, serious behavior, notice, article 1184 of the Civil Code

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 2, February 11, 1998, SA France direct service against Madame Fonvieille

AUTHOR (S)            Libchaber, Rémy

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        12  ,            25/03/1999  , pp.             109-110, Commented summaries

KEYWORDS            France, contract and obligations, formation of the contract, unilateral commitment of will, commitment to pay, lottery with pre-draw, game-lottery, cash prizes

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, November 24, 1998, Madame Pillons v Société Malenge and others

AUTHOR (S)            Loiseau, Grégoire

Reference            JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition)  , n °            7  ,             02/17/1999  , pp. 371-372,             Chronicle I 114

KEYWORDS            R Mutual epresentation of joint debtors, embezzlement, concealment, Article 552 of the New Code of Civil Procedure (NCPC), solidarity, indivisibility, arm’s length

APPEALED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, May 13, 1997, Société Estée Lauder v Société Parfumerie Jerbo

AUTHOR (S)            Fabre-Magnan, Muriel

Reference            JCP G Week Legal (general edition)  , No.            7  ,            17/02/1999  , pp.369-370,  Chronic I 114

KEYWORDS            France, contract, obligations, obligation to exclusively supply a disproportionate amount, illegality, proportionality, selective distribution contract, damages, order of December 1, 1986, freedom of prices and competition, defect of consent reciprocal obligations

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, May 20, 1997, SA Fiat auto France, against SNC les Equipements de la Colline

AUTHOR (S)            Kamdem, Jean-Faustin

Reference            JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition)  , n °            30  ,            07/22/1998  , pp.             1381-1386,Case law 10 125

KEYWORDS            France, contracts, sanction for the early and unilateral termination of an agreement by a creditor, obligations, nullity, agreement, opening of a world automobile center, provision of an exhibition stand, delay in the opening of the space, potential nature of the opening date, effect, termination founded by the exhibiting builder, building at the project stage, penalty clause, obstacle to the award of additional damages, loss three years of royalties

APPEALED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, April 22, 1997, Société Calberson international v Société Trans Ouest

AUTHOR (S)            Lachière, Christophe

Reference            JCP G Legal Week (general edition)  , No.            14  ,             01/04/1998  , pp.601-604, 10050 Case

KEYWORDS            D elegation debt, delegate, exceptions arising from its relationship with the delegator, delegatee, enforceability

APPEALED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, October 07, 1997, Madame Nel against SA Expertise Comptable Der Baghdassarian

AUTHOR (S)            Beignier, Bernard

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        6  ,             12/02/1998  , pp.             78-80

KEYWORDS            France, civil law, commercial law, contract, obligations, transfer of customers, right of presentation, partial presentation, nurse, randomness

APPEALED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, June 17, 1997, Clinique Saint-François Xavier against Madame Karpman-Boutet

AUTHOR (S)            Mémeteau, Gérard

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        44  ,             18/12/1997  , pp.             604-607

KEYWORDS            M edical, professional practice, contract with a clinic, anesthetist, retrocession fees, notice period, non-compliance, compensation

REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, November 05, 1996, Rousselot against Couronne and others

AUTHOR (S)            Matsopoulou, Hartini

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        41  ,             20/11/1997  , pp.             551-554

KEYWORDS Company promise, doctor, non-termination clause, definitive engagement, incorporation of the company, deadline, resignation, prejudice, damage, causal link, agreement, preliminary contract, article 1838 of the Civil Code, article 2 of the law of July 24, 1966, relations between compromising parties, tort liability of a third party, fault committed by the clinic

APPEALED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, October 22, 1996

AUTHOR (S)            Libchaber, Rémy

Reference            Recueil Dalloz Sirey  , n °        22  ,             05/06/1997  , pp.             173-174

KEYWORDS            Contract and obligation, contract for successive performance, unilateral termination, terminate, cancellation, condition, damages, price, lump sum

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