Group Of Contracts
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Group Of Contracts

REVIEWED DECISION       Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal (CA), 8th Chamber B, February 13, 1998, Madame Kérisit v Société Location Moderne

AUTHOR (S)            Renault-Brahinsky, Corinne

Reference            JCP G Semaine Juridique (general edition)  , n °            52  ,            23/12/1998  , pp. 2265-2269,            Case law 10 213

KEYWORDS            France, contracts and obligations, group of contracts, telematics network, indivisibility of contracts, simultaneous execution, identical duration, termination of the service provision contract, effect, termination of the equipment rental contract, date


REVIEWED DECISION Court of Cassation, Civil Chamber number 1, December 03, 1996, Gauchard v Association des centers de distributors Édouard Leclerc (ACD-LEC)

AUTHOR (S)            Reigné, Philippe

Reference            JCP E Semaine Juridique (company edition)  , n °            23  ,            05/06/1997  , pp. 134-136,            Case law number 961

KEYWORDS           A ssociation centers distributors tab sign contract resolution clause resolutory, radiation, indivisibility of the contract, breach of the statutes, commercial fault notice damage to the entire group, operator supermarket, sanctions


REVIEWED DECISION       Court of Cassation, Commercial Chamber, 04 April 1995, Compagnie générale de location against Kessler; Cour de cassation, Commercial Chamber, April 04, 1995, Société Franfinance equipment against Villette and Société Concept location France against Vilette

AUTHOR (S)            Tardieu-Guigues, Élisabeth

Reference            JCP E Semaine Juridique (company edition)  , n °            9  ,            02/29/1996  , pp. 61-66,            Case law number 792

KEYWORDS            Telematics service contract, network, membership, rental, computer equipment, software, cancellation, termination, indivisibility, divisible contract, regime, notion of contractual whole

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