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The decisions of the first civil chamber concern the following areas assigned to it:

  • Real estate agents
  • International and internal arbitration
  • Educational assistance
  • Associations
  • Commercial contracts when a non-commercial party has chosen the civil route
  • Marriage contracts, matrimonial regimes, civil solidarity pacts
  • Agricultural cooperatives and integration contracts in agriculture
  • Discipline of judicial experts (articles 24 et seq. Of decree n ° 2004-1463 of 23 December 2004)
  • Discipline and responsibility of lawyers and public and ministerial officers and legal advisers, except when the latter’s responsibility is called into question during the activity of a tax advisor
  • War damage
  • Personal and family law, with the exception of appeals relating to articles 9 and 9-1 of the civil code – divorce and legal separation – alimony and custody of minors
  • Private International Law
  • Consumer protection legislation, with the exception of personal over-indebtedness
  • Extension of the maintenance of foreigners in administrative detention or in a waiting zone (articles L. 551-1-1 and following and Articles L. 221-1 and following of the code of entry and stay of foreigners and the right to asylum)
  • Nationality,
  • Obligations and civil contracts, with the exception of leases relating to buildings and real estate sales, as well as the liability of architects, contractors and developers
  • Professional orders and organized professions with regard to their organization, operation and management, with the exception of lawyers’ fees
  • Press (defamation, insult, respect for private life and image rights, respect for the presumption of innocence) (Articles 9 and 9-1 of the Civil Code)
  • Taken to task
  • Property and movable real rights
  • Literary and artistic property
  • Life annuities between individuals
  • Requisitions
  • Contractual liability and in particular liability of the land and air carrier of persons and medical liability
  • Responsibility of the magistrates of the judicial body (article 11-1 modified of the ordinance n ° 58-1270 of December 22, 1958)
  • Liability for faulty functioning of the justice service (article L. 781-1 of the code of judicial organization)
  • Separation of powers
  • Professional civil societies
  • Spoliations
  • Successions, donations, wills, partitions and liquidations

The decisions of the second civil chamber concern the following areas assigned to it:

  • Land and recreational boating insurance (except construction insurance)
  • Referral requests for legitimate suspicion
  • Legal experts (registration on the lists)
  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Compensation for certain victims of bodily injury resulting from an offense (article 706-3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)
  • Compensation for transfused patients and hemophiliacs infected with HIV
  • Legislation concerning returnees
  • Election appeals, except for professional elections internal to the company
  • Appeals against the judgments of the courts of appeal in which the compensation fund for victims of asbestos is party
  • Civil procedure and enforcement, tariffs
  • Pupils of the Nation
  • Tort liability
  • Social security (including accidents at work and family benefits)
  • Over-indebtedness of individuals

The decisions of the third civil chamber concern the following areas assigned to it:

  • Construction insurance
  • Residential leases
  • Commercial leases
  • Rural leases
  • Expropriations
  • Real estate property (claim, easements, demarcation, joint ownership …)
  • Possessory actions
  • Real estate sales
  • Co-ownership
  • Subdivision
  • Consolidation
  • Town planning
  • Company and works contracts
  • Liability of architects, contractors and developers
  • Mortgages and real estate privileges
  • Advertisement fees
  • Construction
  • Real estate company
  • Real estate promotion
  • Environment and pollution

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