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Privacy is one of the civil rights enshrined in the Civil Code. Case law concerning the protection of privacy is the responsibility of the First Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation, and the decisions concern breaches of privacy , with the definition of the sphere of private life, and the difficult balance between freedom of expression and respect for private life.

Privacy is threatened by the development of techniques, with techniques for recording sound and images, and with new information technologies and in particular the Internet and computers. It is about the protection of the private life in the personal life, but also of the private life at work , with the balance between the powers of the employer, the imperatives of the company and the private life of the worker who is provided by the Social Chamber.

Social networks pose the problem of the emergence of a “social” life, halfway between private and public life.

Respect for private life within the framework of criminal law and criminal procedure and also ensured by the Criminal Chamber. This concerns in particular the problems relating to proof when the latter reflects an intrusion on private life.



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