Gregg county judicial records
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Things To Know About Gregg County Judicial Records

A county in Texas, Gregg County has over 127,000 residents across 276 square miles and connects to different parts of Texas through the interstate highway system. It is a solid Republican county that was democratic for a period of 40 years from 1900 to the 1940s.

Gregg county is a major, and frequently cited region in the state of Texas. In terms of effective record keeping, it has been acknowledged on many occasions.

Apart from serving Gregg County judicial records, the county’s administrative division, which includes its famous judicial infrastructure, bournes numerous other descriptive facilities on a multitude of topics, ranging from: 

  • Birth and death records.
  • A facility of filing your own divorce, without any intermediaries.
  • Criminal information. 

You can easily access all of the above-mentioned information easily; simply visit the ‘Gregg County Texas’ website, and search for anything of your relevant interest. It is that simple. 

Primarily, the wider audience is typically interested in Gregg County judicial records pertaining to the courtroom, public, and criminal records. Hence, Gregg County judicial records predominantly consist of these listings. 

Courtroom Gregg County Judicial Records

Gregg County judicial records relating to the court are the ones that are most widely tabulated. Their scope of coverage is significant than other Gregg County judicial records because these court records consist of arrests, criminal indictments, and other charges. 

Arrest Records

Arrest Records

Gregg County judicial records are known for their transparency, and every sheriff that is posted in Gregg County has shown the utmost professionalism by being available on-duty, as well as on-call on off days. 

The Gregg County sheriff’s office itself releases all the records and is responsible for conveying them to the general public. The court is indirectly involved because these arrests are further prosecuted by the court, hence each record is automatically enlisted in the court’s Gregg County judicial records. 

For instance, in the year 2016, criminals who committed 55 violent crimes were arrested. Moreover, 451 property crimes were added in the Gregg County judicial records as well. 

Criminal Records 

Gregg County judicial records contain a huge chunk of criminal records. Every year, regardless of who is the sheriff, the Gregg County police department is directed to compile records and make them public in order to bring awareness to the public. 

For example, sex offenders are heinous criminals who are always kept a check on. The Gregg County police department, by law, is directed to upkeep an updated record database of criminalized, working and living, incarcerated, employed, et cetera, sex offenders. 

Next, these important listings are mandated to be shared with Gregg County’s general public. Residents of Gregg County can easily access Gregg County judicial records online through several governmental, and non-governmental, websites and databases. 

Moreover, if you want to access the Gregg County judicial records in a tangible sense, you can always contact Gregg County’s County Clerk. County Clerks are responsible for a plentiful amount of judicial cases emerging in their respective county. County Clerks are responsible for updating, maintaining, and amending these records in an extremely righteous and just way. 

Usually, the records consist of almost every type of judicial record you can think of, including: 

  • Family cases records 
  • Criminal records 
  • Other administrative records 

County Clerks are easily accessible, and their contact information is available online, as well as in Gregg County’s records. 

Public Records

Apart from all the exciting stuff, which includes criminal and arrest records, you can also access your own personal records from Gregg County judicial records. 

These public records range from all sorts of information about: your birthdate, birthplace, marriage, divorce, et cetera. 

Public records are readily accessible through Gregg County’s clerk. After paying a minute service fee, you can easily acquire Gregg County’s public records, both online and from Gregg County’s clerk in person. 

The News And Gregg County Judicial Records

The News and Gregg County Judicial Records

Oftentimes, Gregg County’s judicial records are used by media outlets and news channels as they cite Gregg County’s records when breaking a news. 

Due to the stringent processes involved in the upkeep of Gregg County’s records, the records act as an accurate and authoritative source to cite by the newscasters. 

Gregg County’s judicial records are seen as a genuine and trustworthy source due to the fact that they are compiled by law enforcement and governmental entities, such as the police department and the county’s County Clerk. 

Gregg County Judicial Records’ Other Benefits 

Every county, city, and even state, has its own record database. These databases act as data centers or storage of data for further usage. This usage can include recordkeeping, analysis conducted on the basis of these records, population demographics extrapolated from these records, census formation based on these compiled records, et cetera. 

Hence, we see how Gregg County’s judicial records have immense practicality. 

The Gregg County records are thorough. Let us look at an example into one of the most practical and thorough constituents of these Gregg County records. 

One more thing. If you are interested in Lamar county’s judicial records, let me remind you that you can get Lamar county judicial records from the clerk of the court’s office.

Detailed Population Consensus

Detailed Population Consensus

In 2020, a critical population census, which is shared below, was conducted in Gregg County. This consensus is a major part of the county’s judicial records and provides insights on several domains relating to the county’s administration. 

The impressive factors of this consensus in its detail; this consensus consisted of a rich abundance of categories and subcategories, each having its own distinctive characteristic in aiding efficient governance of the county. 

Let us look at a chunk of this consensus. 

Population Consensus, April 1, 2020: 124,239 

Age and Sex 

  • Those below the age of 5 years: 6.9%
  • Those below the age of 18 years: 25.7%
  • Those above the age of 65 years and over: 15.7%
  • Female persons: 51.4%

Race and Hispanic Origin 

  • Those of white origin: 74.4%
  • Those that are Black or African American origin: 20.9%
  • Those of the American Indian and Alaska Native descent: 1.0%
  • Those that are Asian: 1.4%
  • Those of the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander descent: 0.1%
  • Those that have Two or More Races: 2.2%
  • Those of Hispanic or Latino descent: 19.2%
  • Those of the White origins not counting Hispanic or Latin: 57.0%

Population Characteristics 

  • Veterans from the year 2015 to the year 2019: 7,449
  • Those born in a different country, 2015-2019: 9.0%

Economy (Statistics from the year 2015 to the year 2019)

  • Those parts of the civilian labor force above the age of 16 years contribute 60.9% to the civilian labor population.
  • Those part of the civilian labor force above the age of 16 years but women contribute to 55.0% of the total civilian labor force.
  • Total revenue generated from the hospitality industry was around $307,384
  • Total revenue generated from healthcare was $1,323,808
  • Total manufacturer’s shipments, 2012 ($1000): 3,582,693
  • Total retail sales, 2012 ($1000): 2,639,793
  • Total retail sales per capita, 2012: $21,522

These are just some of the many, crucially important subcategories which we have not included in this sample. Overall, this consensus, conducted in Gregg County, has been a resounding success in catering to as many broad, societal features as possible.

Judicial Activism Vs Judicial Restraint

Judicial Activism vs Judicial Restraint

This brings us to an important concept: judicial activism vs judicial restraint

Judicial activism is a phenomenon where the judiciary has the necessary competence, intelligence, and rigidity to make constitutional amendments independently, as per its will through advanced intellect and competency.

Judicial restraint is an opposite occurrence as compared to judicial activism. Judicial restraint calls for a subversive position for the judiciary, where critical decisions, and the thought process behind them, come solely from politics and governmental entities. 

The thought behind introducing these two parallels is in order to produce a sense of judicial bewilderment in the minds of the readers. 

As we have seen previously, judicial records are rich treasures possessed by counties, cities, states, and even nations. They provide all the relevant data which is analyzed and evaluated, forming crucial state decisions which shape the future of the country. 


Although Gregg County’s judicial records, or any other type and domain’s judicial records, are severely overlooked by everyone in terms of their relevance and significance, we hope that you must have received a sense of bewilderment as to why these judicial records are so important, and what is their role in our society.

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