Focused on helping clients with DUI/DWI, assaults, and other drug-related charges, Nick Leverson always commits his dedication to every case he works on ensuring that his clients get the best possible outcome. Nick is experienced in tailoring his legal approach and client management according to the needs of the clients developing trust and commitment along the way. If you’re charged with a crime related to DUI/DWI or other criminal drug-related charges, you need a great lawyer to represent you in court and fight for your safety. Nick is one of those lawyers you can depend on.
Nick takes time out of his professional career to helping teach students constitutional criminal procedure and other important elements of criminal law at some of the best law schools around, William Mitchell College of Law and Mitchell Hamline College of Law.

Areas of Practice

  • Domestic
  • Drug Charges
  • Expungement
  • Gun Rights Restoration


Education & Qualifications

Law Office Affiliations:                Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Experience / Training:                  Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law
Practice Area:                               Minneapolis, St. Paul & The Greater Minnesota Area
Certifications:                               Lead Counsel Rated
Pre-Law:                                       University of St. Thomas
Law School:                                  Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Law Degree:                                 Juris Doctor
Bar Exam:                                     Bar Number: 396578
Leadership Roles:                        Law School Public Service Program Award
Education:                                    Dean’s List, Graduated Cum Laude


Awards & Badges

Nick Leverson Nick Leverson Nick Leverson Nick Leverson Nick Leverson Nick Leverson Nick Leverson