Oftentimes people make the wrong decisions when charged with a crime they did not commit leaving them with jail time or a hefty fine. This can not only affect their life and also their relationships but a criminal track record negatively impact employment opportunities. If you’re a father or a mother with children to feed, unexpected situations like a fine or jail time can create more struggles for you. However, you should understand that these situations can happen to anyone so don’t bog yourself down and call Leverson Budke and get in touch with their Woodbury criminal defense lawyer to help fight your case. 

Securing the shocking win in the Supreme court for gun restoration, Leverson Budke has proven to be one of the best legal firms in the country with their new office already operational in Woodbury.  Whatever the crime is, take a breather and relax as one of Leverson Budke’s defense attorneys will fight for your rights and ensure a positive outcome no matter what. 

Woodbury criminal defense attorneys at Leverson Budke are not only knowledgeable and experienced in criminal law but also have the right contacts in the legal space to negotiate a great deal for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of allegations or punishments are collected against you, be assured that a Woodbury criminal defense lawyer will go over and above using all resources available to reduce or eliminate your sentence. 

Leverson Budke is one of the few law firms that made history in the United States. Being awarded several recognitions and titles top 100 trial lawyers, top 10 criminal defense attorney award, 10 Best in Client Satisfaction, and more, the legal firm excels at client management. Their customer service is superior and is not only limited to the case but even after the case, you will find that their legal team is there to deliver you the legal care that you need. 

Some people, even after the case gets concluded, are left with a charge on their track record. This can negatively affect employment opportunities and Leverson Budke understands that. The legal firm will deploy all resources to ensure that the charge is removed permanently so that you can apply to jobs, get credit, and support your family.  Leverson Budke and their Woodbury criminal defense lawyers will help you lead a normal life once again. 

You may have heard about people representing themselves in the court. It is possible to deal with your criminal case yourself, however, the risks of doing so are far greater. Yes, you don’t need a lawyer to look into petty crimes committed like traffic violations but crimes that carry a serious offense, it is better to leave it to the legal experts and professional attorneys. You’ll never go wrong with a Woodbury criminal defense lawyer who is not only experienced but also has the thirst to win. 

Looking at your case raises the risk of a sentence or a fine. You need to understand that when in court, there are no second chances. How confident are you in your ability to stand in court and represent yourself?  Losing to a prosecutor will taint your slate by putting a criminal record on it and thus lead to life-changing consequences.

You might feel that approaching a prosecutor and letting them know the entire truth might work out in your favor. However, that is not the case. They are working against you and spiling any kind of information can further be detrimental to your case and negatively impact your sentence or punishment. Be confident in approaching a Woodbury criminal defense lawyer and Leverson Budke to look into your case. It might be your only way out of this mess.

Areas of Practice

  • Domestic
  • Drug Charges
  • Expungement
  • Gun Rights Restoration
  • Murder Homicide
  • Sexual Assault


Education & Qualifications

Law Office Affiliations:                Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Experience / Training:                  Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law
Practice Area:                               Minneapolis, St. Paul & The Greater Minnesota Area
Certifications:                               Lead Certified
Pre-Law:                                       St. Cloud State University
Law School:                                  Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Law Degree:                                 Juris Doctor
Bar Exam:                                     Bar Number: 396402
Leadership Roles:                        Adjunct professor at Mitchell Hamline College of Law
Education:                                    Bachelor of Arts in English Literature


Awards & Badges

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